Friday, October 21, 2016

DIY- Glow Chameleon Glow

Hello Bootiful Ghouls! 

Yeah, I think I've watched "Monster High" movies for way too long!

Let's start with our latest "spooky" and fun design.. 

For this "Glow Chameleon Glow" design I used the following:

1:  SinfulColors Professional Nail Hardener as my base coat;
2: SinfulColors Professional #2122 Nice Guise
3: SinfulColors Professional #2124 Got a Bat Attitude
4: SinfulColors Professional Top Shine Coat

On clean nails apply a coat of SinfulColor Professionals #901 Nail Hardener;

Apply two coats of SinfulColor Professionals #2122 Nice Guise to all the nails for the exception of ring finger.  This Nice Guise polish is a shimmering green with a gold iridescent hint to it.  Please allow a few minutes to pass in between coats. 

The Top coats on the above photo are part of the Glow In The Dark collection. 

This is the tricky part.  As you can see, #2124 Got a Bat Attitude polish has small "bat figures mixed within the polish.  It IS a bit difficult to grab the figures with the brush and place them on the nail.  By the time I was able to strategically apply the figures, I had a very thick coat on my nail.  

However,  IT DOES GLOW!! So their claim it's true!!

Apply your favorite Top Coat to seal the design, let it dry and YOU ARE NOW DONE!! 

Note:  I used the regular #1353 Glow in The Dark (without any figures in it) and applied it on top of the Nice Guise so that it would glow as well.   Although I regret my choice of applying it, the effect was still mesmerizing.

DIY: Easy Halloween Nail Design

Only a few days left before Halloween and we are having a lot of fun with all the spooky colors available through Guise & Ghouls Glowing Masquerade by SinfulColor Professionals.

These polishes are still on sale at my local Walgreens, so make sure your visit your local store in order to take advantage of this great sale!

For this Halloween, I decided to show my love for this day by creating a few "spooky" nail designs that you can easily create by using very simple tools like nail guides, stickers and "glow in the dark" top coats.

For this Black on Orange style I used the following:

1.  SinfulColors Professional Nail Hardnerer as my base coat;
2. SinfulColors Professional #853 Cloud 9;
3. SinfulColors Professional #103 Black on Black;
4. Kiss "Chevron" Guide lines; and
5. SinfulColors Professional Top Shine Coat

On clean nails apply a coat of SinfulColor Professionals #901 Nail Hardener;

NOTE:  As a general rule, I always use (and recommend) a good base coat in order to protect my nails, specially when using very dark colors.  Lately I've been using SC Nail Hardener and has helped keep my nails long and strong.

Apply two coats of SinfulColor Professionals #853 Cloud 9.  

NOTE: Don't worry so much about the tip since you will be covering it with your second polish.

Allow the first color to dry completely before you apply the Design Guides around the tip of your nail. 

Place the Design Guide firmly onto the nail in the desired position.  

Apply #103 Black on Black polish to the tip of your nails. 

Once your tip color is somewhat dry, gently peel off the design guides to expose your design!

If you have any spooky stickers, gems or any other embellishments you would like to add to your design, this is the time to do it.

Apply your favorite Top Coat to seal the design, let it dry and YOU ARE NOW DONE!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

SALE ALERT: SinfulColors Guise & Ghouls Glowing Masquerade

Hello everyone!!

    I've finally found the time to visit my local Walgreens and the timing was perfect! 

    I found that all the SinfulColor Guise & Ghouls Glowing Masquerade are finally on SALE for $1.99 each!!! 

In this collection you will find:

* Cloak & Swagger
* Play Dead
*Nice Guise
*Deja Boo
*Hazel Moon
*Got a Bat Attitude
*Dead On
*Glow In The Dark Top Coat
*Let's Talk
*Courtney Orage
*Black on Black
Walgreen Exclusive:
*Where Oh Werewolf

I picked the Glow in the Dark for Ms. Bree and she is going to love it!!  Yes, my daughter loves nail polishes as much as I do.  (maybe more than me)

 The Glow In The Dark polish is a top coat and it promises to really get things "glowing".

I picked the above colors for me.  Unfortunately, Courtney Orange was not available but I was able to grab Cloud 9 at the same price.  Cloud 9 seems to be a bit lighter and brighter than Courtney Orange. 

If you have a Walgreens Rewards Card then don't forget to use it, instead of paying $1.99, you will only pay $1.50!!  
Stay tuned because I will be doing my own manicure and I will be using Cloud 9 together with Black on Black topped with a few accent stickers!

Are you planning to join the festivities by dressing up or maybe by getting a "wicked" manicure for the week??  If you decide to take advantage of this great sale, make sure you tell us which colors you picked!! 

Friday, October 14, 2016

For All The Kids Who Love to Ask Why??

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Hey everyone, It's Friday and after a rough week I am glad that the weekend is here.  Remember, "We are in charge of how we feel today, therefore, let's choose happiness".. 

I'm writing today to tell you about this AMAZING , HANDS-ON, YEAR-LONG SCIENCE JOURNEY!

For All the Kids Who Love to Ask “Why?"


The Magic School Bus Science Club is a 12- month science kit subscription based on the award-winning series, The Magic School Bus. If you haven't heard about the series before, each of the stories center on the antics of a frizzy-red haired fictional elementary school teacher, Ms. Frizzle, and her class, who board a “magic school bus” to take them on field trips to impossible locations, like the solar system, clouds, the past, and inside the human body. This story-based learning took the science scene by storm in the 90's.

But it's the 2000s!!

The kit subscription takes it to the next level with HANDS ON learning that all ties into the stories! It's also HALF OFF FOR 10 MORE DAYS! This is a great choice for families with multiple children, kinesthetic, and visual learners - and just a fun, educational activity for a rainy day! The kits include experiments related to Volcanoes, Weather, Water, Fossils, Bacteria and Fungi, Star and Planets, and the weather, which, given recent events I want to brush up on, too.  Ms. Bree is currently learning about the Solar System, the weather and phases of the moon.

One experiment I've been really excited to try is the Volcano Kit! The kit comes with a small volcanic rock, a pumice stone, sheets of paper, black paint, paint brush, a magnifying glass all to build a volcano. Check out the video below to see the fun experiment and explosive result (this one is from Educents so you don't have to see my kitchen..)

 And there are so many more experiments! Think of a sibling science club coming to life in your home - or friends bonding over making volcanoes explode, and learning all about how the human body works! 

Getting kids excited about STEM learning is exciting stuff. And it's especially exciting because it's HALF OFF FOR 10 MORE DAYS. 

Here's the run down:



  • Detailed, extensive 12-page colorful manual that is full of experiments and topic information
  • Each manual was based on the award winning Magic School Bus Book (and TV) series
  • A handy dandy cheat sheet for adults, so you can lead the way with no background in science (shhh.. I always preferred reading...)
  • Tools and instructions for a at least 7 interactive experiments per month
  • Online Clubhouse for further exploration on each package topic (take advantage of this!!)
  • Certificate of Completion - a great way to reinforce learning and accomplishments
The Price: Package is for $119.00 currently (50% off deal for only ten days). You do have to pay it at once, but it comes out to $10/month over the course of the year. For me, that's a solid investment!



Thursday, October 13, 2016

Product Review: SinfulColor Nail Polish

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SinfulShine 2 Step Gel Manicure

Hello everyone and welcome back!!

    It has been a while since I last posted a nail polish review.  Therefore, let's get back on track!

  Today I'm reviewing the SinfulShine 2 Step Gel Manicure "Kylie Signature Collection".  The color I chose is "Kreme De La Kreme" which is a rose gold like color with a lot shimmer.  

   This bold and vibrant color is perfect for any occasion, I just love how it shines and I personally feel this color goes perfectly well with my current mood and the season!

   As you can see in the video, this is a Two Step Gel Manicure which promises to give a "gel-like shine that removes like regular polish".


Apply  at lest two coats of polish to make sure you have an even look; 


After allowing the color coat to dry a bit, apply the top coat. 

   As many of you already know, SinfulColor Professionals is my favorite brand of nail polish. Their $2.99 (sometimes $1.99) price is amazing and the quality of the product is better than most.  Their regular polishes usually last about a week depending on my daily activities, so I'm expecting for this gel manicure to last me as least two weeks!

   This collection has many colors to choose from, 27 of them to be exact!  Here are a couple of collections you may want to try: 


Have you tried any of the SinfulShine 2-Step Gel Manicure Collection before?? What were the results??