Monday, May 9, 2016

Two Special Gifts for Two Special Women...our fun filled weekend!

Wow... I'm exhausted but my heart is full of joy and our children truly had a wonderful weekend. 

This weekend was a busy one with sleep overs, pool time and the celebration of Mother's Day.  

Let me start this weekend recap post with the amazing crafts the girls created for two special women in  their lives.  


As she mentioned in the short video, Ms. Jones loves Mickey Mouse and it made sense for Ms. Bree to create something with Mickey Mouse on it.  All Ms. Bree has been asking is for me to take her to Michael's so she could purchase the materials she needed to create a "Mickey Mouse" picture for her teacher.  

It took us a minute to come into a "mutual" agreement..... It is quiet funny to say those words when you are talking about your child and her desire to create something special for someone else.  Let me further explain what I mean, my daughter wanted me to draw the outline of Mickey so that she could "paint" it.  While I appreciate her faith in my skills, I AM NOT A ARTIST... it took me some time to make her understand that mommy couldn't do what she was asking therefore we needed to come up with a Plan B. 

Plan B came to her when she remembered something she had seen at the Disney Store the last time we were there... "Mickey Mouse Picture Frame" and this is what she came up with: 

The Materials
ArtMinds Parenthesis-Shaped Wood Frame, 8" x 10"

Wooden Picture Frame 5x7..............$4.99
Black Paint......................................$0.69
Red Paint.........................................$0.69
White Buttons...................................$0.99

The Steps:

I drew a line on both sides of the frame, (across the middle);

Second Step: 
Paint the half top of your frame with the black paint; 

Third Step: 
Paint bottom half of the frame with the red paint; 

Fourth Step:
Allow for the paint to dry completely;

While the paint was drying, Ms. Bree colored a Mickey Mouse picture from her coloring book. 

Fifth Step:
Once the paint is completely dry, it is now time to glue your accessories; 
We used a tiny Mickey Mouse from a set Ms. Bree had purchased while at the Disney Store.

Glue the two Medium Size White Buttons at the bottom of the frame and your Mickey Mouse Picture Frame is now complete!!  


This past Friday Ms. Payton and her brother Liam stayed with us for a sleep over.   I just love having these kids over.  Ms. Payton is such a sweetheart, she never misbehaves, never speaks a negative word and she is always willing to help.

When I asked her if her class had done something special for mommy (who by the way, is also a teacher at their school), she sadly replied "no". 

So you know I had to correct that!! 

Sarah  is a hard working mom! 

She is an Autism Teacher at our kids' school; 
She teaches  seven students every day as well any other duties she is assigned on a daily basis;
Two nights a day you will find her "coaching" Ms. Payton's Softball Team, but not before she runs little Liam to his own T-Ball Game;
Of course she also has to make sure her children make it to "dance", "Girl Scouts", doctor's visits, etc.
Ms. Payton created this beautiful frame for her mom who works so hard during the day and still manages to have energy and the desire to do so much for her own two children. 

Ms. Payton painted the entire frame with Ocean Breeze paint, which is her favorite color; 
2 Bows (pack of 8 was 0.99)
Gold Letters (2 sheets of stickers $1.49)
Silver Jewels  (1 jewel sheet $1.49)

so there you have them....


and while none of these were for me... I am thankful that they both wanted to create something unique for these two hard working women..