Monday, December 8, 2014

DIY: Christmas Wreaths

DIY- Christmas Wreaths

Hello Readers!!

Today I bring you another easy and inexpensive DIY Christmas project!!  If you thought our DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Tree was inexpensive… wait until you see the Christmas Wreaths we have made.

These wreaths were originally made to decorate my garage door lamps.  Unfortunately the top part of my lamps literally touch the ceiling and are extremely close of the wall making it impossible for the wreaths to go around.   NO BIGGIE, I found another spot for them and I believe it gives the house the perfect look! 

Due to the fact that Christmas is around the corner, most (if not all) Christmas decorations are now on sale at most stores.  All the items required to make these wreaths were purchased at Michael’s Craft Store and . 

Here is what you will need:
Pre-made Wreath…………………………………. $3.99
Red Glitter Ribbon………………………………… $0.99
Jingle Bells…..……………………………………….. $3.50
(Red and Gold stems)…..………………….……. $4.74 (0.79 each)
        TOTAL SPENT PER WREATH      $13.22


Fluff the wreath by spreading all the limbs, you want the wreath to look nice and full;


On the center bottom of the wreath place your jingle bells;

Carefully secure the jingle bells  by using a thin piece of wire;

    HELPFUL NOTE: (you can use the thin hooks your would normally use to hang the decorations on your tree; if you don’t have any, you can buy a pack of 100 at the Dollar Store for $1.00)


Place the red ribbon slight above the top of the dangling bells;

    HELPFUL NOTE: (usually the ribbons have the own wire on the back, if your bow doesn't have one, you can use the thin wired hooks mentioned above);


I used three (3) stems with small red sparkling balls and three (3) stems with small gold sparkling balls on each side of the Wreath;

    HELPFUL NOTE: (Using the same amount of stems on each side will guarantee your wreath looks the same on each side.)

Separate each stem carefully and begin adding them to your wreath;

    HELPFUL NOTE: (You will not need extra wire to secure the stems onto the wreaths, they are made out of wire, carefully cut the wire to the desired length).
Then carefully fold the end of the wire around the wreath to prevent it from falling.


A 20 minute project and the total cost was $13.22 per wreath.  You can use some of the decorations you already have available, making this project even less in price.  How about that?? For an inexpensive craft that will last you for years and you can proudly say that you made it yourself!!  

Friday, December 5, 2014

DIY: Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

Hello Readers…

We hope that your Thanksgiving was as memorable and enjoyable as ours was.  Time spent around family while enjoying some deliciously prepared food is always good.  But, with Thanksgiving gone, it’s time to prepare for Christmas.  If you thought Halloween was a big production in the Cunningham household, wait until you see what Christmas is like in our home!

This year is our son’s turn to pick the colors of the decorations of the Christmas tree and he did so, almost a month ago: Green, Red & Gold.  I love the idea of letting the kids pick the colors of the decorations, it allows them to be as involved in the process and it builds their confidence in the “decision making” process as well.   

If you follow our Facebook Fan Page, than you already know that I started my DIY Christmas decorations as far back as Halloween.  My good friend, Kara, is obsessed with Pinterest, and thanks to her, I have now joined that club! I know, the HORROR right!!! J

Kara found several projects but I fell in love with the idea of making my own Christmas Tree to decorate my entryway.  I have always wanted one (or two) but every time I saw the tag price of $79+, my wants became “no wants”… J  I’m sure you can relate to the whole “for how much?? 
Nope, it can stay right where it is!”

This can be used for indoors or outdoors and you will not believe how inexpensive and how easy are to make. 

Materials needed:

Wire Round Tomato Cage…………...…… $2.58 Lowe’s;
Zip Tie…………………………………………….. FREE- courtesy of Husband’s tool box;
Gold Star……………………………………….... $1.00- Dollar Tree Store
17 Garland…………………………………...…. $17.00- Dollar Tree Store
White Lights………………………………....… FREE- I used some of the lights I already owned
    TOTAL SPENT:                               $20.58

My entry way is not as large and open, so I only made one.  I simply decorated my tree using gold/ivory ribbon that I purchased at the Dollar General Store are well, increasing my total spent to $23.58.  Not bad at all if you compare it to the high prices you see at the store.

I used the 42” Galvanized Steel Wire Round Tomato Cage:  

This cage is not the tallest Lowe’s carries, there are several sizes you can choose from (33” to 54”).  If you cannot find the sizes you need to decorate your porch, you may want to consider placing the tomato cage on top of some nice heavy pots/planters.  Pots not heavy enough? No biggie, simply add dirt, sand or even rocks to make the pots/planters heavier.  You can make your pots/planters unique by adding a nice decorative ribbon around it.   Your options are limitless.

HELPFUL NOTE:  If you are using pots/planters follow these steps first:

1.       Make sure you add the dirt/sand/rocks first
2.      Place the tomato cage on top;
3.      If the tomato cage is too wide for your pot, you can cut the bottom wire and squeeze the cage into your pot.


Bringing the ends together and secure them by using the Zip Tie. Make sure it is as tight as possible. 


Carefully unfold the garland;

Note: Amount of garland needed depends on the size of your tomato cage.  I compared the garland from the different Family Dollar, Dollar General and Dollar Tree Stores.  To my surprise, the best garland I found was at the Dollar Tree Store!  It’s was undeniably firmer than the rest, which will give you the necessary steadiness and fullness you are looking for.  

Start wrapping the garland around the cage;

HELPFUL NOTE:  It is easier to start from BOTTOM TO TOP, although I started from the TOP, let me explain why this was a problem for me:

1.       Every time I wrapped the top kept coming lose;
2.      I tried placing the star on the top hoping it would keep the garland in place but it simply refused to stay in place.
3.      I tried wrapping the garland around a bit tighter, but it kept coming lose at the top.  So I had to start over many, many times…

      Therefore, I highly suggest you start at the bottom, trust me, I’m saving you time but most importantly YOUR SANITY! J

Continue to wrap, wrap and continue to wrap the garland until the entire cage is fully covered.


Carefully add the lights;
I used two sets of white lights, each set contained approximately 30 lights.


Pretty neat!! 
Overall this was a very easy project and can't forget the amount of money I saved!!  

Thanks for ready and stay tuned for the next project!!! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Natural Hair Black Friday Sales!!

     Hello Readers... it's that time again.. YES, Thanksgiving is just a few days away as well as the BLACK FRIDAY SALES!! 

   While some of the U.S. population will be making the long lines in order to acquire electronics and toys during the infamous “Black Friday Sales”, some of "US" will be waiting for the time to come to place our orders online to acquire our most favorite Hair Products! Yes, I no longer do lines, Hubby does.. 

   I will be sitting in front of my laptop waiting for the time to place my “Bee Mine” order! We are in desperate need of Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer and since I’m deep conditioning her hair every time I wash it and we are running extremely low on the deep conditioner as well. 
Here are some of the sales you may want to keep in mind!:

Bee Mine Natural & Organic Products

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Carol's Daughter



*TBA...  MyHoneyChild has announced that they will be having a sale but they have not shared the details as of yet.**  We will keep you posted! 

Miss Jessie’s current sale on Target

Miss Jessie’s : It'
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The Pomade Shop:

Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale details: 11/21-12/1--30% off all full-size products. 

Twist Braid Snap

New Items Sale!

Start your shopping early, 20% off sale at Twist Braid Snap. Save on Hair Beads, Ballies, Hair Snaps, Satin Sleep Caps, styling tools and more! (Sale includes everything except sidewinders)
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We love the products we sell and we are sure you will too.
Happy Shopping!

III Sisters of Nature

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Our Annual BF Sale will begins tomorrow! Nov. 27 - November 30!
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We will be updating this list everyday, so make sure you subscribe to our blog and/or follow our Facebook Page! 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Winter Care for Natural Curls

Hello Readers!

     I would like welcome and thank all of our new followers!  If you follow our Facebook Page then you know that our page will soon hit 3K LIKES!

     If you don’t follow our Facebook page, come and join the fun!  I cannot thank you all enough for all the support and participation, whether you follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Facebook or YouTube.
    Now, let me start this post by stating the obvious… the cold days have arrived! Some of you are probably experiencing lower temperatures than we are.  I mean, we leave in Georgia and I’m originally from Miami, Florida, which means that the coldest temperature I have experienced in my life is probably 20 degrees!  A joke right? At least compare to what some of you have experienced.

    With the cold days knocking on our door every morning, it is important to dress our little ones in layers and to keep gloves, hats and scarfs handy.  But keeping kids warm is not the only important thing we must remember.  At least not when you have kids with lots of curly hair.

     Curly hair needs extra TLC, not just during the summer months but even more so during the dry, cold days.

     Here are a few of my tips that will help you keep your curls moisturized:

#1. Check your oils: by this I mean, some oils become hard during the cold months, if it becomes hard and solid while is in its container, then most likely will not be a good idea to apply it to your hair. Unfortunately, I found that out the hard way… It did not damaged her hair by any means, but we had to re-wash and start all over again.  I love coconut oil, it's no secret, but during the cold days coconut oil tends to hardened and you will see white flakes or clumps all over the hair.  So during the following months I will be using a combination of castor oil, argan oil and jojoba oil. 

#2. Deep Condition: Deep conditioning is part of our regimen, but in order to make sure her hair continues to thrive during the cold days, I deep conditioned her hair once a week!

#3. Pre-Poo: Retaining moisturize is our main goal, so please try to remember that.  The pre-poo step always helps lessen the damage shampoo can do to your tresses therefore helping you retain moisture. I also find the pre-poo step very helpful when it comes to the detangling process.   But I always suggest that you stay away from shampoos that contain harsh ingredients and use sulfate free shampoos.  

#4. No outside time with wet hair: Okay, this is something my mother never allowed, she claimed that it was not good for your health.  I always try to wash her hair during the weekends, but see, the key word is “try”. Even when you plan your wash days it sure doesn’t mean they will always happen when you want them.  But during the cold days, I stick to washing her hair on Saturday mornings or Friday afternoons.  I do not allow her to go outside until I know her hair is dry and completely covered.

#5. Keep the curls covered:  When going outside, make sure your curly kid is wearing a hat, satin lined caps are a bit pricey, but I have an easy solution to that, the same “satin sleeping cap” they wear to go to bed can also be used under their winter hats!  Now, if you are good with the sewing machine, you may want to consider making one and you can also make me one while you are at it! J

#6. Keep an eye on your ends:  I constantly check Ms. Bree scalp and ends, and it is no different when it comes to the cold days.  If the ends of the hair start to look dry and split ends are clearly there, don’t hesitate to trim it!  If you are interested on learning how to trim their hair, please read our post on: How To Trim Curly Hair

#7. Keep it in protective style:   Styles like braids, twists last for several days to a couple of weeks since over styling can also cause damage.  You can and is highly encouraged that you continue to care for your hair even when it’s in a protective style.  You can easily co-wash hair and please make sure that scalp, hair and ends are properly moisturized which will prevent the hair from drying and breaking!

#8. Drink lots of fluids:  It is very important to make sure the kids drink plenty of fluids.  Our kids have a “water chug”, which is a mini water bottle, like a mini-me version of the 5 gallon bottles.. we try to keep them full of water. I constantly check and see how much they have drank.  Although, it is a bit difficult to keep track of their fluid intake when they are at school. 

Just remember that keeping the hair moisturized is your main objective!

Here are some ideas on protective styles! 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Product Review: Teadora Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner

Hey there everyone!!

Thank you for stopping by to read another Product Review!  The products we have for you are relatively new and we were giving the opportunity to review them.   We received the Rainforest at Dawn Shampoo and Conditioner.  We also received their body oil, but I will review that at a later time.  

Their Claim:

Teadora shampoos and conditioners use hydrating and revitalizing ingredients from the rainforest of Brazil.  They help prevent split ends.  Prolong the life of hair-color provide great frizz control, restore damaged hair and protect your hair against UV ray damage. 

The Cost:

$30.00 per item


Amazonian Clay;
Brazil Nut;
Carnauba Was;
Plant Stem Cell;

To learn more about what each ingredient is known for and their benefits click here:

Our Experience:
I washed Ms. Bree’s hair using the Nourishing Shampoo and it was a wonderful experience.  

When it comes to the shampoo, a little goes a long way, it lathers up easily and leaves its’ intoxicating fragrance behind! Even now, days later after washing Ms. Bree’s hair I can still smell the scent of the products.  The shampoo left her hair and scalp extra clean without giving it that ugly dry feeling and her hair definitely felt hydrated.   

The conditioner was no different from the shampoo, after the first application I could unmistakably feel her hair become soft making the detangling process a breeze.  Once I rinsed her hair out, it was evident that her curls were more defined and undeniably hydrated.  You can see these results on the picture above.  I am very pleased with the results and I was even more pleased with the fact that my daughter’s hair truly benefited from the use of these products.

Are you intrigued but not so sure if you should spend $30.00 on a product?? Not to worry, visit their “Travel Size” section and look at their 2 oz. selections!

These Products are available in two fragrances:
*Rainforest at Dawn; and
*Rainforest at Dusk.

These products are also cruelty free, 100% Vegan, Sulfate Free, Paraben Free and free of any harsh chemicals.

To learn more about these products:
 To see all the travel Sizes available:

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Costume- Frankie Stein

Hello everyone and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! 

This year has been exceptionally busy for our household.  From Football games, Gymnastics, Dance classes and of course, homework and school projects.

Ms Bree is attending a new school of dance, Maxine Patterson School of Dance.  She is still learning ballet and tap but to me this school is one hundred percent better than her last school.  

With a new school comes a new teacher and with a new teacher comes a new routine.  Her teacher is amazing with kids and the one hour recital the little one's performed for us, the parents, was definitely fun to watch.   

Since it was a Halloween themed dance all the dancers were asked to wear their Halloween Costume.  Although Ms. Bree loves "Elsa" from the Disney movie "Frozen", she decided to switch things up a bit and chose Frankie Stein from Monster High. 

At first, she wanted me to flat iron her hair and use the cans of paint Party City has available.  But I decided for a Frankie Wig (children's size).  Flat ironing her hair then adding the paint sounded to damaging to her curly tresses for my liking.  The cold weather has arrived in my neck of the woods and with that, her hair needs extra TLC.  

Here is how we accomplished her look: 


The Clothes

*Black Leotard;
*Monster High Tutu purchased from Party City.

The Accessories

*Monster High- Frankie Stein Necklace; 
*Monster High- Frankie Stein tights
*Shoes- her every day Mary Jane shoes in black.
*Monster High- Glitter Body tattoos.

The Hair

*Monster High- Frankie Stein Wig (Child size) 
     Although the girl on the picture is older than Ms. Bree, the wig fit perfectly. 

Ms Bree got dressed first; 

The Make Up Kit we found at Walmart for $4.99 
This is the first time I apply make up to Ms. Bree, although her daddy had requested a couple of time for me to apply a light make up during her recitals but I've never done it. 

I decided to do it this year because she kindly said, "just my eyes and my lip gloss", so I thought, why not? right.. 

Although Ms Bree was looking at the picture of the girl on the "Wig" wrap, I was never going to agree to such heavy make  up.  I know, I know, it was a Halloween themed dance but I thank goodness she didn't ask for something heavy.   

The Kit came with four eye shadow colors: Green, light pink, deep blue and purple.  
Ms Bree chose Green and Purple... although the blue would have been a better choice, it was way too dark... Yep, I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.. :)

I started by applying moisturizer all over her face, carefully avoiding the eye area; 

This particular kit came with two eye shadow applicators but I used my finger instead when  applying the green eye shadow all over her eye lid;

Then using the side of the applicator I applied the pink eye shadow on the top part of her eye lid, starting from where the bone begins up to the bottom of the eye brow. 

No eye liner or mascara for this little one, at least not  yet! :) 

However, I did use a black eye liner to recreate the scar Frankie Stein has on her face. 

*extra tip*: I believe a "liquid" eye liner would have worked better for this.  

Having her hair in Braids was the best thing I could have done.  It allowed me to put the Wig on with having to stuff all that hair in the small cap.  Having the hair in large pony tails can also cause the wig to not fit properly. 

I used three pins to make sure her Wig wouldn't fall in the middle of her dance. But I really don't think they were necessary at all. 

Like mother like daughter; I love touching my hair, specially now when it's very long... Ms. Bree is really not that far behind, she touched, touched, pulled and touched some more!  Thankfully, her wig stayed in place and didn't fall at all. 

Simple yet beautiful! 

A full length video of her dance will be available on our YouTube Channel, so make sure you subscribe to it!  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Book Review: The Hair Commandments

Hello Readers!

I have a new book review for all of you!

The Hair Commandments by Latoya Johnson-Rainey and C. Nathaniel Brown. 

This book was recently released and I was giving the opportunity to review it and share my honest opinion with every single one of you! 

This book is approximately 132 pages long and is full of information about Wigs, Weaves, Natural Hair and so much more. But let’s break it down and see what you can expect to see in this book.
Chapter One through Chapter Four: Wigs

In these chapters you will find everything you need to know if you are thinking about option to sport a wig.  The writers give tips like:

*How to choose the right Wig;
*How to choose the right style based on the shape of your face;
*What is the Wig Cap Size and how to measure it in order to obtain the right cap size.
*The difference between lower and higher synthetic hair, human blend and human hair;
*The pros and cons of the use of human hair in Wigs.

Additionally, you will also have at your fingers tips, information on how to properly care for a Wig.  From shampooing, conditioning, drying, brushing and styling it in order for the Wig to last longer.  If you are not one hundred percent sure on how to put a Wig on, don’t worry this book will also provide you with that information! 

Chapter Five through Chapter Nine: Weaves

Like the previous chapters, under the “Weaves” chapters you will find the different kind and qualities of Weaves.  

Tips on how to properly apply them and care for them. If you are not familiar with the different kind of Weaves that are out there in the Hair Market, and are looking to get a better picture of what the differences are and which ones are “heat friendly”, than this book is definitely good to have. 

These chapters will also give tips on how to determine how much hair you will need to buy and the length of the hair in order to accomplish a particular style.

Chapter Nine through Chapter 15: Natural Hair

I’ve been doing my daughter’s hair for some time now, and I’m very familiar with the majority of the information found in the Natural Hair chapters.  But if you are thinking about going natural or if you are looking to keep your curly kids natural and you are not sure where to start, this is book is for you!!

You will have information on:

*The Big Chop and Transitioning;
*Texture Types and Different Curl Patterns;
*Definition on Co-Washing, Stretching Banding, Twisting, Blow Outs and Bantu Knots.

More importantly, you will find tips on natural hair styles and how to properly flat iron your hair without damaging your curly tresses.

At the end of each section you will find a list of “Shalls” and “Shall Nots” which are great to have!

This book also talks about “The Bald Movement” and its founder Nell Coleman.  The Bald movement was designed to support and empower people all over the world to embrace the essence of being bald. 

You will also find information on CinagrOrganic Healthy Hair Products and its founder Giovan Lane, Ancients Secrets with Temeka Royster, Hairnamics Hair Vitamins with Kim Kearney, and more!

I truly enjoyed seeing all the photographs and reading all the information contained in this book.  If you are new to the Natural Hair world, this is a great book to have.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy for yourself, please visit:

or find it: at our store