Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Book Review: Princess Truly & The Courageous Cape Chase

Hello Everyone!

A few days ago we shared with you some amazing news from our friend and Children's Book Author, Kelly Greenawalt.

If you missed the post, you may read it here: Latest News of Princess Truly's New Book

Now we want to share our review on her latest book, "Princess Truly & The Courageous Cape Chase.  

Here is a brief synopsis of the book:

Princess Truly is enjoying a beautiful fall day when out of the corner of her eye, she notices a flying red something.  Ever the curious girl, she decides to investigate and her beloved pug, Sir Noodles, follows her.  

They soon discover the flying red something belongs to a freckle-faced boy with bright red hair, Rowdy Wrigley.  Rowdy is afraid of everything.  Or at least he was until his mother sewed a special red cape for him.  With his cape on his shoulders, he isn’t afraid of anything.  Unfortunately, one day while picking apples, the cape blew off his shoulders.  Princess Truly offers to help him find it.  

The friends set off on an exciting adventure into Mysterious Forest to hunt for the cape.  Along the way, they meet a little kitty named Fiona. Despite not feeling very brave, Rowdy proves that he is when he rescues the kitty after she gets stuck in a tree.  Princess Truly and Rowdy then chase the cape into a deep, dark cave.  With a little help from Truly’s magical curls, Rowdy learns that what is in your heart is much more important than what is on your back.

Our Review:

This is Princess Truly and her faithful companion, Sir Noodles' third adventure and they are at it again!!

Please keep in mind that although this is the third book in the series, they DO NOT have to be read in chronological order, but in my personal opinion they are more enjoyable if you do read them in order. 

As always, this is an amazing story with a strong message about "believing and achieving".  If you believe in yourself enough then you can achieve anything you put your mind to.  It also teaches about kindness.

The Illustrations in this book, just like in the two books before are beautiful and well drawn.  The colorful illustrations captivate the story's details and they also seem to captivate the young audience, like my daughter.

Ms. Bree definitely enjoyed this book and she was excited to see some of the vocabulary words she is currently learning at school.  Therefore, making the reading more exciting and fun!  As a mother, I love the fact that she can relate to the main character, "big hair, brown skin and all".  The main character also teaches about being helpful to others, about self confidence, problem solving and courage.  All the things we want our children to know. 

I am gladly giving this book a 5 STAR rating, a must have book!! 

Allow me to take a minute and tell you about this amazing illustrator: 

Amariah Rauscher lives in Central Illinois with her husband, four children and beloved bulldog, Rosie.  She has a Bachelor's degree in both Psychology and Visual Arts, additionally she is pursuing a Master's Degree in Communication.  A talented artist and illustrator, her whimsical designs can be found in her Etsy Shop, The Extent of Silence and children's books.  Most notably, she is the sole illustrator of the Princess Truly book series.  She founded Lemon Starfish, a children's publishing company, in partnership with author Kelly Greenawalt. Amariah enjoys playing video games and eating vegetables.

Here are some great links to have: 
Link to the publisher’s website: www.lemonstarfish.com
Follow publisher on twitter: @lemonstarfish
Follow publisher on Instagram: lemon_starfish
Link to the Princess Truly’s fan page: facebook.com/princesstrulybooks
Link to the author’s fan page: facebook.com/kellygreenawalt.author
Link to purchase the book: Princess Truly & The Courageous Cape Chase or you can order your copy by simply clicking on the image located on the right hand side of our page.