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My Tips

* Never use a brush to detangle curly hair- brushing the hair can result in further tangles, breakage and unnecessary pain;

* When shampooing the hair- DO NOT grab the hair all at once and rub it on top of the head; this can also result in a bigger mess with even more tangles;

* Don't shampoo the hair everyday- try every 5 to 7 days with co-washes in between (depending on the every day activity of the child);

*Don't ever shampoo more than you need to.  Too much shampooing will cause the hair to become even more dry;

* Have 2 types of conditioners handy: 

1. A Rinse Out conditioner, this could be any brand since you will be rinsing out anyway.  I don't recommend conditioners that are labeled "For Volume", unless that is what you are looking for, my daughter really doesn't need the volume part) 
2. A Leave In Conditioner, this is the conditioner that you will leave in the hair.

* Deep Condition the hair at least once a month.  For me it is a must during the summer when the children spend a lot of time outside playing or at the pool;

* It is always a good idea to apply the Leave In Conditioner while the hair is wet;

* When detangling curly hair, always comb the hair from the end and work you way to the scalp.  Believe it or not, this was one of my first lessons and I learned it from my  husband! 

* Beware of hair grease, I don't use hair grease on my children, all the posts I have read mention that hair grease clogs the hair follicles preventing the hair from growing;



ACV........ Apple Cider Vinegar
BC .......... Big Chop
BT .......... Beautiful Textures Product
CO .......... Coconut Oil
CSB......... Cantu Shea Butter
CW ......... Co-wash (also knows as Conditioner wash)
DC .......... Deep Conditioner
EVOO...... Extra Virgin Olive Oil
EVCO...... Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
JBCO....... Jamaican Black Castor Oil
KCCC....... Kinky Curly Curling Custard
KCKT...... Kinky Curly Knot Today
LIC......... Leave In Conditioner
TWA....... Teeny Weeny Afro


Apple Cider Vinegar:  Used to cleanse the hair instead of using shampoo.  

Banding:  Its a stretching technique used to stretch the curl pattern on natural hair.  Please see our post: What is Banding?

Co-Washing- (also known as Conditioner Wash), this is when you wash the hair with conditioner only, without the use of any shampoo.  This is known to help keep or bring the moisture back into the hair.

Deep Conditioner:  This step is highly recommended to do once a week or at least every other week.  Deep Conditioning helps the hair grow strong, brings the elasticity back, makes the hair softer and easy to manage, gives the hair shine and most importantly helps with moisture.

Pineappleing:  This technique is used mainly at night, when you are ready to go to bed.  We only used this technique when Ms. Bree wears her hair free.  Basically collect all the hair into a high pony tail (keep it nice and loose) and the next morning you let it down.  

Pre-Poo(ing):  This is done before you shampoo your hair by using your favorite oil.  This step will help you retain more moisture.

Twist/Braid out:  This simply means letting your two twists or braids out after the hair is completely dry.  I do a twist/braids out usually two days after.

Feel free to add more to the terms and definitions list !!

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