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  1. I adore hairstyle 13! How did you braid it at an angle!

  2. Hello Yessi: #13 its not angled, I just parted the top section from ear to ear, then section it from front to back. I twist rope her sections. Rope Twists are very similar to cornrowing, except instead of holding three strands, you only hold 2 (twist about four times before you start adding hair), but the technique is pretty much the same as cornrowing. The smaller the sections the longer they last. In order to braid in an angle, you can stand at her side. When it comes to sectioning the hair in an angle, I stand in front of her and part the hair right to left!

  3. She is soooooooooooooooooooooo adorable!!! Cute hairstyles!!!

  4. I like hairstyle 25 adorbs I love beads

    1. Thank you! we have ordered Bead Barrettes, so stay tuned for that!