Friday, August 26, 2016

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Natural Hair Care: Daily Tip #8

Hello and welcome back!! 

Our friend, Keianna, owner of Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio has a really good tip for today: 

Daily Tip #8:

"Using rubber bands on natural hair is not a crime.  However, they must be installed  and removed correctly".

Here is another tip, soak the rubber bands in oil (i.e., olive oil) for a few minutes to prevent them from pulling and breaking your hair.  I buy the tub of black rubber bands at the Hair Supply stores.. the tub usually lasts me approximately a year it contains 500 rubber bands.

I only use rubber bands to secure the end of a braid or twist.  

We hope today's Natural Hair Care Tip was  helpful!!  If you missed any of our previous Daily Tips, you can find them here: