Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Natural Hair Care: Daily Tips by Chi Chi Sophistication

Hello everyone and welcome back!! 

I am delighted to introduce you to our new series of blog posts called "Natural Hair Care: Daily Tips" written by the professionals of Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Care Studios.  

As it is implied by the name of our new blog series, these tips will help you along your natural hair journey.   Whether you have just begun your journey or a proud mother of a curly kid and interested in keeping their curly tresses as healthy as possible.

We will post this posts once a day but if you have a tip of your own, please feel free to share them with us by leaving a comment below!! 

"Having a Wash Day Regimen is the beginning of the natural hair care process.  Shampooing your child's hair on a weekly/bi-weekly basis will ensure a clean, healthy scalp and hair."  By Keianna Johnson, Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio.

A Little Background Information...

Now, because this is the very first post of this series, let me tell you a little bit about our friend over a Chi Chi Sophistication:

Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio is own by Keianna Johnson.  She provides natural hair and braiding services for children and teens ages 2-17.  Ms. Keianna's services caters to the individual scalp and hair care needs of the clients.  Chemicals are not used during hair care services. 

Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio has built its reputation upon caring for the natural hair needs of children and teens.  She is proud to continuously achieve or highest goal of delivering exceptional customer service, coupled wit complete product care.  Keinna consistently strives to exceed her client's expectations and pledge to reach beyond those needs by executing age-appropriate hairstyles for children, as well as trendy and chic hairstyles for teens. 

Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio believes in providing a safe, healthy, fun, relaxing environment for children and teens. All conversations, music, television programming, books and video games conducted in their studio are all in the best interested of the child. 

So, if you are in the Waldorf, Maryland area then you are one of the lucky ones who can actually take advantage of her services!! I personally wish she can mail herself to me every 14 days in order to care for Ms. Bree's hair... :D  

Hey! Don't judge me, when our schedules are overbooked and my energy is running low, doing hair is the last thing I want to do :(  

Make sure to connect with her if you interested in learning more about her services and prices!! Tell her WE sent you :D  

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