Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Twister by Cutex- Spa Formula

Welcome back my beauties!! 

A few days ago I posted a review on this beautiful "teal-blueish" nail polish, "Savage" by Sinful Color Professionals. 

A couple of days after I shared my review with all of you, I heard "rumors" about how "difficult" it was to remove the nail polish and how it can "stain" your nails and your skin.

The news bothered me so much I began to plan how I was going to tackle what promised to be a "real big mess".  I could picture the skin around my nails and under my nails full of faded blue.... My imagination was running wild there for a moment ha!

Let me introduce you to this little jar that shut all those rumors down! 

Twister by Cutex

Their claim: 
This 2-in-1 instant remover jar is filled with patented Cutex® SPA Formula, which is designed to clear hard-to-remove polish quickly and effectively. The one-of-a-kind duo action design includes a specially engineered sponge that eliminates the need for cotton balls and a handy bristle brush for extra stubborn polish. This design is the first of its kind for instant removers. Simply dip, twist and enjoy clean nails.

I purchased this miracle jar at my local pharmacy for the price of $3.99!! 

This nail polish remover works really good. It does exactly what it says and who doesn't love a product that does exactly what they claim they can do.  I just love the convenience of this jar and it's so easy to use.   Insert your finger, move it a bit and it's done!

I've tried other brands and they have not worked at all plus they make my nails feel dry and damaged. 

This product conditions my nails while saving me the mess of using a lot of cotton balls!! 

Watch the video in order to see it in action!

Do you have a favorite product to remove those stubborn nail polishes??  Share your thoughts with us!!