Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Labor Day Sale: Gymboree

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Hey everyone!! 

Just a few days left in August and September is quickly approaching!!  Like a true "shopaholic", I am looking forward to the long weekend and Labor Day Sales!! 

Gymboree is currently offering up to 80% off the entire site just in time for Labor day!!  Make sure you visit their site and take advantage of this offer!! 

Find Tees starting at $8.00, Leggins starting at $8.00 and beautiful dresses starting at only $12.00!! 

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Subscription Review: Beauty Box 5

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Hello everyone and welcome back!!! 

We are starting this week by talking about something new.  "Beauty Box 5".

Beauty Box 5 is  a subscription based service that provides you with five (5) deluxe samples and some full size products to your door every month.  

 Beauty Box 5'goal is to introduce their monthly subscribers to new and great products while sharing tips on the best way to use them.  

Every month you will receive a mix of make up, beauty accessories, hair, skincare, fragrance, body and nail products.  

Beauty Box 5 offers free shipping on all their subscriptions (US ONLY). 

This month's Beauty Box 5 contained the following products:

(Travel Size) Rave 4X Mega Unscented Hairspray:  

This is an 1.5 oz bottle that is actually considered a "BONUS" item in this month's since it was not part of the "Five Item Description Card".  But travel size items are always welcome in my bag and in Bree's dance bag.  

I used it on my hair this morning and so far it has kept my hair free of any frizz.  Also, my hair did not get that "crunchy" or "sticky" feeling. 

Next, we have Olive Natural Beauty Elixir:  this is a 1 oz bottle.  (2 oz bottle retails for $37.00).   All natural essential oil that can be used together  with your daily skin lotion or you can apply it directly to your skin after a good cleansing.  

Now, VO5 Hot Oil Therapy Treatment really doesn't need any introduction or explanation... we all love a good hot oil treatment and I often use it on my son's hair (more than on Ms bree's hair).

My mother used it on my hair when was a little girl and now I use it on my kids.   

Nika Exfoliating Brush:  It's the cutest and softest brush I have every touched.  The retail price of this brush is $17.00 and you simply use it with you favorite face wash in a circular motion over your face and neck in order to achieve beautiful skin. 

This month's Beauty Box 5 can't be "Spa Day" theme without having Spa Day Hair Ties by Did Hair.  Let's be honest, there is no such thing as "enough hair bands".  These bands have no metal that can pull your hair and I just love the cute designs on them.  These ties retail price is $6.50.

And the last item in this month's Beauty Box 5 is Retinol Spa Treatment Mask (Retail price of $7.50).  The retinol is an ingredient that reduces expression lines and wrinkle while boosting cell renewal.  

Every item in this month's Beauty Box 5 will be used ... I don't anticipate any of them going to waste. The value of this month's box is approximately $51.59 and this price does not include the bonus item.  

Beauty Box 5 monthly subscription is only $12.00 (no shipping on all beauty boxes)!  Of course, they also offer other options like $30.00 for 3 months and $99.00 for 12 months.

Overall, I'm really impressed with these items! 

I will be reviewing each item separately so stay tuned for those reviews!!! 

Beauty Box 5 loves new subscribers, all new subscriber will receive FREE Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow with their first box!!  (This offer has been extended until the end of September 2016).   Click here to get your FREE EYESHADOW WITH YOUR FIRST BOX.

Get top beauty brands delivered to your door every month with Beauty Box 5. Click Here!

Friday, August 26, 2016

A "BEE MINE" Family Appreciate Sale!!

One of our favorite hair product is having a

Family Appreciation Sale!!


Use Code: TAKE20
 with a minimum of a $35 purchase 
worth 20% off now through ending really soon.

Make sure you take advantage of this great sale! 
(I know I will...)

Natural Hair Care: Daily Tip #8

Hello and welcome back!! 

Our friend, Keianna, owner of Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio has a really good tip for today: 

Daily Tip #8:

"Using rubber bands on natural hair is not a crime.  However, they must be installed  and removed correctly".

Here is another tip, soak the rubber bands in oil (i.e., olive oil) for a few minutes to prevent them from pulling and breaking your hair.  I buy the tub of black rubber bands at the Hair Supply stores.. the tub usually lasts me approximately a year it contains 500 rubber bands.

I only use rubber bands to secure the end of a braid or twist.  

We hope today's Natural Hair Care Tip was  helpful!!  If you missed any of our previous Daily Tips, you can find them here: 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Products on Sale at Walgreens!!

After dropping the kids off at School this morning, I made a quick stop at Walgreens to obtain a few things I needed for my office.  

Imagine my surprised when I discovered these amazing Dark & Lovely Au Naturale products were on sale! 

I love love Au Naturale by Dark & Lovely and I've recently ran out of the Leave In Conditioner. If you missed our product review early this year, you can read it here: Product Review: Dark & Lovely-LOC Line.

With this BOGO sale, you are basically paying $4.99 for each product!!  Here is a list of the products that you can find on sale:  Walgreens Dark & Lovely Au Naturale BOGO SALE

Needless to say, I grabbed all the Leave-Ins they had... 

If you are a big fan of Dark & Lovely Au Naturale, now is the time to stock up on all your favorite products!!! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Natural Hair Care: Daily Tip #7

Hello and welcome to our Natural Hair Care- Daily Tip Series by our friend Ms. Keianna owner of Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio.

What a great tip! 

I always have my combs at hand along with my Creme of Nature Leave In  and I rub oil (jojoba oil) on the palm of my hands before I begin to unravel each braid (or twist).

Always be mindful of the edges and try not to keep the same style for far too long.  (extremely fuzzy braids = lots of tangles and pulling)  

Give your hair and scalp a break for at least a couple of days before your braid (or twist) your hair again.

Braid in different directions every time to prevent long term damage.   

We hope today's Natural Hair Care Tip was  helpful!!  If you missed any of our previous Daily Tips, you can find them here: 

Monday, August 22, 2016

A Review on Educents' Educational Products

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Hello everyone!! 

As parents, we are the most important teachers our children can possibly have.  

I deeply believe that (the parents) have to work together with the teachers in order to assure our children are academically successful.  It is crucial that we keep an open and constant open line of communication with their teachers when it comes to our children's daily behavior and progress. 

I understand that being involved in your child's "daily" progress may seem impossible due to our own daily (and busy) schedule.  To make sure you are well informed, I highly recommend you communicate with your child's teacher at least once a week in order to check their daily progress.  Making a monthly "Parent-Teacher" conference to discuss progress and general curriculum is also another way of staying involved.  Whichever way you choose, staying involved will make a difference in your child's education.  

At the beginning of the school year, during our "open house" (or "meet & greet"), I always "warn" my children's new teachers.  I am that "parent", the type of parent that will call you once or twice a week if I feel my child is lacking in an area, if I have questions about an assignment, concerns about a test results and the impact that score may have in their grades. 

Allow me to include you on this I have never been told by a teacher that they don't appreciate my involvement.  (at least not yet right)

So, don't be afraid to get involved in your child's education, trust me, both, your child and the teacher will thank you for it.

Now, there are many different ways we can support our children's learning at home, whether during their vacation, or throughout the school year. 

I am constantly looking for ways to help my children learn their assignments.  During one of my many searches for new way to teach them, I found this amazing website, Educents that offers many education products at very reasonable prices. 

Now, our children started their 4th week of school today and I can see that our son is having a difficult time understanding long division. 

Long Division Worksheets

This is a 42 page PDF document that you can download as soon as you buy it.  The price you asked?  $1.95!! Yes, for less than two dollars you get 12 leveled long division worksheets on graph paper with the Answer Keys.  At the end you will also find two tests with answer keys and free posters highlighting the steps of long division. 

It also has long division with remainders, up to three digit dividends and two digit divisors. 

I review my son's notebooks and homework every night to make sure he has completed all his assignments.  I also do this so that I may know what he is currently learning in all his classes.  Been able to know the areas he needs extra help with also helps me prepare extra worksheets accordingly.

My son is not the only one who  needs an extra hand, after reviewing last week's class work and quizzes, I realized Ms. Bree needs extra help with "Compound Words". 

Compound Words Cut & Paste Activities

This Compound Words: Cut and Paste Activities was only $1.50!!  You read that right, I almost broke the bank with that one!! hahhaa  This product is also a PDF document and I was able to download and print right away. 

I can assure you that you child will have fun while learning with this fun activity book.  Our daughter loves coloring, cutting, gluing stuff, therefore, this activity is right up her alley. 

I am enjoying this amazing website, Educents.com.  As I stated before, some of the items are on PDF format that can easily downloaded into your computer and printed upon purchase.  Some of the bigger items (kits and books) have to be shipped.   

I placed my order ad within an hour I received an email stating that my order had shipped!!  We will review and show our next item, Magic-School-Bus-3D Journey Through the Solar System as soon as we receive it!!  It's a 3D book and it comes with 3D Glasses!! 

Easy to print (inespensive) worksheets and fast shipping are not all the things Educents offers... They also have FREE items, for a limited time of course, but Free none the less.  They have a large selection of free items that any teacher or parents can use.  

Free Addition Word Problems

Make sure you browse thru all their products! 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Natural Hair Care: Daily Tip #6

Hello and welcome back!! 

Ms. Keianna, owner of Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio has this tip for all of us:

"What does it mean to use a Clarifying Shampoo?"

Great tip and thank you for sharing this important tip!! 

It is very important to use a clarifying shampoo, especially when you use heavier products, styling gels or butters.   If you hair and scalp feels "slimy/sticky", then it's time to use clarifying shampoo.   

And here is another tip: 

When using a clarifying shampoo, consider doing a "Pre-Poo Treatment" before you shampoo your hair or follow your washing session with a "Deep Conditioning Treatment". 

Shampooing while necessary, can dry the delicate strands.  Doing a treatment before or after the shampooing process will help with the retention of moisture.  

We hope today's Natural Hair Care Tip was  helpful!!  If you missed any of our previous Daily Tips, you can find them here: 

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Natural Hair: Daily Tip #5

Ready to read all about Keianna's Daily #5??

Some great sealants are Argan Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Bee Mine Hair Growth Serum, Blended Beauty Natural Hair Oil, Cantu Shea Butter No Drip Hair and Scalp Oil. 

Our favorite moisturizers are: Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer, Bee Mine Hold Curly Butter, and a few of the Blended Beauty Products

We hope today's Natural Hair Care Tip was  helpful!!  If you missed any of our previous Daily Tips, you can find them here: 

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Natural Hair Care: Daily Tip #4

Hello and welcome back! 

Our friend, Keianna Johnson is ready to share her Natural Hair Care Daily Tip:

"Reading hair product labels can be a daunting task, especially when uncle of determining what is good or bad for the hair. 

When reading labels, the first five ingredients tell the truth of what the product is made of.  If Petrolatum and/or Mineral Oil are in the top five of the ingredient list, that product isn't good for natural hair." 

Great tip, thank you Keianna for sharing!!  

One of the first tips I was given when I started caring for Ms. Bree's hair (approximately 4 years ago) was to look for (as many of) these ingredients on the label:  Water, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera (juice), Oils (i.e. Almost, Coconut, Jojoba, Avocado, Castor, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tea Tree), Honey and Vegetable Glycerin.

We hope today's Natural Hair Care Tip was  helpful!!  If you missed any of our previous Daily Tips, you can find them here: 

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The Best Cleaning Tip for Tile Floors

Now who loves a good tip?? I know I do, especially those tips that actually work!! 

My husband and I are in the process of preparing our home to be put in the market for sale.  In order to make sure the house appeals to the prospective buyers, a deep cleaning most be performed.  

Tile floors are known for their beauty and versatility as well as being "low-maintenance".  My husband had tile floors installed in order to increase the value of our home, he's always thinking like a good realtor and investor.  

Having young kids and three pets, one of which is a puppy in training means that spills and accidents happen very often.  Unfortunately, I don't always see the accidents happen and cleaning the mess right away it's a bit difficult.  

The most important thing to remember it comes to tile floors is making sure that dirt and spills do not have the chance to sit on the grout for a long time therefore becoming embedded.  

While moping floors with our favorite solutions or hot water will keep the actually tile looking clean and shiny, it does not truly clean the actual grout.   Grout is what keep the tiles together which is typically white, with time the grout can become like this:

We can all agree that this "look" really detracts from the beauty of your tile floors.  Taking care of your grout it's just as important but finding the right product to do it can become a problem. 

Some manufacturers recommend an specific solution that can be harsh to your kids and pets.  Before I found this tip on Facebook, my husband would purchase the solution usually found at Lowes.  But I asked him not to use it again because of the strong odor and damaged that actually caused to my cabinets handles as well as my tea kettle.  (I have a beautiful red tea kettle now ).  

I strongly recommend you do this when the kids are not home, Clorox also has a strong smell and you don't want their little noses and eyes to suffer.  

If I'm home, ninety nine percent of the time my kids are home as well.  I chose to get up bright an early and clean the floor while everybody were still asleep.   

I began this process around 7:28 a.m. and I was finished by 8:30... my kids were still asleep... The foyer was perfect room to try this little cleaning tip. 


Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaning- Clinging Bleach Gel


1.  Sweep
2. Pour Clorox Clinging Bleach Gel all along the grout;
3. Let it sit on the grout for approximately 20 minutes 

I have to confess, I did let the solution sit for a lot longer than the suggested time, I took advantage no one was calling for me and decided to take full advantage of that by cleaning the kids' bathroom.  So it was more like 35 minutes by the time actually got back to tile floors!  

Scrub each line by using a toothbrush then mop the floor clean.  

I didn't have any old toothbrushes laying around so I used one of my regular small scrubbing brushes.  Any small brush will work just fine, you just want to make sure the brush is small enough to actually be able to scrub the grout.

NOTE:  Have a bucket of warm water, a mop and a towel ready.   BE CAREFUL, try not to step on any gel, the floor WILL BE extremely slippery.  

Try to collect all of the left over gel by using a towel, 
Mop the floors with WATER ONLY (I prefer using hot water);   It will take a few times to get rid of all the gel but the results are so worth the hard work.

I suggest doing this at least twice a year to preserve both your tile and your grout.  

Next will be our kitchen!!!    

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Natural Hair Care: Daily Tip #3

Hello my naturalistas!!

Today, Ms. Keianna, owner of Chi Chi Sophistication is sharing a very important tip.  

  It's very important to remember that braiding your curly tresses too tight can be damaging to your hair. 

  In some situations, braiding to tightly can cause a simple headache, tenderness on the area, redness of the scalp, however, there are very severe cases where the hair follicles are damaged  causing permanent hair loss.

   The best way to prevent permanent damage to your beautiful curly hair, make sure you quickly loosen any tight braids, braid your hair in the opposite direction from your last style and make sure you don't ever keep your hair braided for far too long.

Missed Ms. Keianna's last two Natural Hair Care tips?? Easy, read them here: Natural Hair Care: Daily Tip #2 and Natural Hair Care: Daily Tip #1

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Natural Hair Care- Daily Tip #2

Hello and welcome back!

"Have you ever wondered why Sulfate-Free Shampoos are a must have for natural hair wearers?  Here is the answer to your question:

Thank you for stopping by and don't forget to visit our blog tomorrow for another amazing "Daily Tip" brought to you by our friends over at Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio. 

For more information about ChiChi Sophistication Natural Hair Care Studio 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Natural Hair Care: Daily Tips by Chi Chi Sophistication

Hello everyone and welcome back!! 

I am delighted to introduce you to our new series of blog posts called "Natural Hair Care: Daily Tips" written by the professionals of Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Care Studios.  

As it is implied by the name of our new blog series, these tips will help you along your natural hair journey.   Whether you have just begun your journey or a proud mother of a curly kid and interested in keeping their curly tresses as healthy as possible.

We will post this posts once a day but if you have a tip of your own, please feel free to share them with us by leaving a comment below!! 

"Having a Wash Day Regimen is the beginning of the natural hair care process.  Shampooing your child's hair on a weekly/bi-weekly basis will ensure a clean, healthy scalp and hair."  By Keianna Johnson, Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio.

A Little Background Information...

Now, because this is the very first post of this series, let me tell you a little bit about our friend over a Chi Chi Sophistication:

Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio is own by Keianna Johnson.  She provides natural hair and braiding services for children and teens ages 2-17.  Ms. Keianna's services caters to the individual scalp and hair care needs of the clients.  Chemicals are not used during hair care services. 

Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio has built its reputation upon caring for the natural hair needs of children and teens.  She is proud to continuously achieve or highest goal of delivering exceptional customer service, coupled wit complete product care.  Keinna consistently strives to exceed her client's expectations and pledge to reach beyond those needs by executing age-appropriate hairstyles for children, as well as trendy and chic hairstyles for teens. 

Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio believes in providing a safe, healthy, fun, relaxing environment for children and teens. All conversations, music, television programming, books and video games conducted in their studio are all in the best interested of the child. 

So, if you are in the Waldorf, Maryland area then you are one of the lucky ones who can actually take advantage of her services!! I personally wish she can mail herself to me every 14 days in order to care for Ms. Bree's hair... :D  

Hey! Don't judge me, when our schedules are overbooked and my energy is running low, doing hair is the last thing I want to do :(  

Make sure to connect with her if you interested in learning more about her services and prices!! Tell her WE sent you :D  

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