We truly enjoy and appreciate our fans' participation... and here are more ways to do it!

Cover Page:

To be featured on our Cover Page, simply provide me with pictures of yourself or your little one, NO, it doesn’t have to be a girl!! it can be a boy too!  Send all pictures to, make sure you use the subject line "Cover Page".   
When submitting the pictures, make sure you answer the following questions:
A. If you are submitting photos of your little ones:
1. Name and age;
2. Products currently using;
3. Their hair routine;
4. When and/or why did you decided to keep your child's hair natural?
5. Does your child love their curly hair?

B.  If you are submitting photos of yourself:
1. Name and age;
2. How long have you been natural?
3. What was your worst mistake?
4. Have you established a routine? If so, what is it?
5. What products are currently working for you?
6. What made you go natural? 
7. How do you feel about your hair now?
If you want to share your style with step by step instructions, simply send all the information with pictures to, make sure you use the subject line "Tutorials".
Pictures from all angles are always helpful;
Make a list of all tools/accessories used to accomplish the style;
Make a list of all products used.

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