Friday, March 25, 2016

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids- Project 2

Hello everyone and welcome to our second post on "Easy Spring Crafts for Kids".

Colorful Mini Flower Pot   

First, let me start by giving all of you an update on Ms. Bree's condition.  Yesterday was our follow up appointment with Dr. Oliver, ENT.  I'm happy to share that she is recovering nicely and has been given the "green light" to ease herself into her regular activities.  However, her desire to jump on the trampoline is going to have to wait a few more days.  Ms. Bree is back at school today and she was beyond excited! Thank you for all the prayers, positive vibes, and well wishes!  We truly appreciate your support. 

Now, let's start with our second easy spring craft for kids made by kids.  This craft is not only easy and fun to make but it will be easy on your wallet as well.  

You will need the following: 

1. 2 3/4 inch Clay Pot........$1.29
2. Outdoor Paint................$0.79
3. Soil...................................Free
4. Flower seeds pockets...$0.89
5. Stickers...........................Free

Let your little ones paint their miniature pots, once they have finished their master piece, set the pots aside for drying. 

After their clay pots are completely dry, it is time to DECORATE as much or as little as they want to!!  

I wish she would have let me apply a couple of more coats of paint to the pot in order to give it that nice bright neon pink color.  But it was not my project, it was hers and she loved the pot just the way it is.. if she is happy then I'm happy.

So there it is ladies, for less than $3.00 you are guaranteed an hour of quality time and you will be coolest mom ever! :)

Happy crafting!