Wednesday, October 26, 2016

DIY: Boo Haunting Halloween Nail Design

Hello there my pretty Ghouls!! 
Before I share with you our latest adventure at the "Holiday Farms" in Ridgeland, South Carolina, I'm going to share our last two "Halloween Nail Designs" with all of you.

These two designs are very easy to do and the only difference between the two is the design on the "thumb" nail.   

Let's start with our latest "spooky" and fun designs.. 

For both of the designs I used the following:

1:  SinfulColors Professional Nail Hardener as my base coat;

2: SinfulColors Professional #30 Courtney Orange;

3: SinfulColors Professional #103 Black on Black

4: Kiss Nail Dress designs; and

5: SinfulColor Professional Top Shine Coat

On clean nails apply a coat of SinfulColor Professionals #901 Nail Hardener;

Apply two to three coats of SinfulColor Professionals #30 Courtney Orange.   Please allow a few minutes to pass in between coats.  

On my first DIY: Easy Halloween Nail Design, I really wanted to use the Courtney Orange rather the Cloud 9. As you can see the orange is much deeper and it would have looked great, but I think the results of using Cloud 9 was just as gorgeous. 

Now, I applied approximately three coats in order to get that "deep orange" color I was looking for.   This is what my nails looked after applying two coats.  

Allow a few minutes in between applications, it's important to remember that when we apply the polish in very thick layers, the polish takes a lot longer to dry which will only lead to smudges.

The next step comes once your first color is completely dry.  This is also the very tricky part but don't worry, you've got this! 

Using the Multi Art Brush carefully paint the letters B O O on the desired nails.  You can go over the black line twice if you need to.  Allow the polish to dry.

Now, my intention was to use these Nail Dress by Kiss on my thumb and my tiny little pinky.  Unfortunately, none of them covered the nail as supposed to.  Yeah, I was sad about that too! 

Therefore, I used a tiny little black cat on my pinky and I cut around the design for my chunky thumb.  

Last but not least, after your nail stickers and polish are completely dry, apply your final Top Shiny Coat and DONE!!