Friday, May 30, 2014

Wash & Go Style


In order for a successful Wash & Go I always follow these steps: 

1. Hair has to be extremely wet; 
2. Apply our Oil Mix; 
3. Apply Giovanni Leave In; 
4. Apply a little bit of Eco Styler Gel.
5. Let it air dry, preferably indoors. 

70% DRY
*Remember- don't mess with it!! 

100% DRY


For me, it's really important to follow with a Deep Conditioning and a Protective Style. 

This time we used Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deep Moisture Conditioner:

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Small Business Spotlight: Cookies & Cream Couture, Inc.

Hello Readers and welcome to our latest Small Business Spotlight!!  

Today's Feature is: 

Let me introduce all of you to Yaritza Thompson and her family! 


Aren't they cute as buttons? Like the buttons my son used to have on his overalls when he was nothing but six months old.... we all know how cute those overalls are!! 

The official name of their online boutique is Cookies & Cream Couture, Inc. and you can also find them in Orlando, Florida!! 

Yaritza, please tell us all the social channels we can find you? 



What can you tell us about your family and this new adventure, Cookies and Cream Couture, Inc.?


Cookies and Cream Couture, Inc. is an online boutique and community for biracial families and their cute little stylers! It took me a while to come up with a name. Being that this boutique was inspired by my two amazing biracial beauties, what better name than Cookies & Cream Couture! I want this to be a community for families to post pictures of themselves and their children on our facebook and instagram page, interact with one another and share your experiences.


I love seeing all the photos and parents sharing their advice with other parents!  I understand your are Puerto Rican! My step-father is Puerto Rican, born in Rio Piedras.. how I miss the food... yumm Arroz con Gandules is our favorite! :D


I am a Puerto Rican, and I'm married to my best friend who is African American and together we have two beautiful children; Zion and J'adore. My husband, Ronnell, is a 4th grade teacher and I am currently in school for education as well. Growing up I never dealt with racial discrimination on any level. I couldn't imagine ever judging someone for who they were culturally, what their hair looked like, or the color of their skin. 

When my daughter was born she was indescribably beautiful. She grew into an even more amazing little girl with a head full of curls. I mean she has enough hair for three people and most of us would die for a head of hair like hers! She began noticing that mommy was different. My hair was straighter, my skin was slightly lighter, and she felt different. She wanted to look like mommy and frequently asked why I was white and she was not. Then 22 months later my son was born. He came out with the curly hair but even lighter than I was. Of course this caused even more questions and it broke my heart. 

Children at the playground talked about her hair, her little friends were confused on why hers was so curly and theirs was strait and this fed into her feeling of not being beautiful. I spoke to her about her inner beauty and that her exterior was just how God decorated her outside. I would point out different aspects of her personality that were beautiful along with different physical features and this began to help. She now looks at herself in the mirror and tells me, "mommy I am so beautiful now." With this, I came up with an idea to design shirts that represented the beauty of being biracial! They are fun shirts that celebrate them and their unique curly locks.


I completely love your design but is this something new or have you always had a good eye for styling? 


I have always loved styling and as a Make Up Artists, many times I found myself styling shoots, my friends would call me to take them shopping, and several times I did complete make overs for individuals who wanted a new look. When I had my children, dressing them was so fun and many times I thought about becoming an actual stylists. Well I did with them!!! Being that this is something I have always enjoyed, when I wanted to come up with something to celebrate my children, what better way than to stick with what I love. I sat down and started drawing designs and coming up with phrases, and here we are.


I know that your boutique is relatively new but you've been working on this project for a while now...


I literally launched Cookies & Cream Couture a couple of weeks ago. This is something I have been working on since October of last year but was not able to launch until now. I am so excited.

My product was designed with my biracial children in mind and of hearing several stories from other mothers of mixed children. I would hear things like, “why do I look dirty, why do I not look like you, I want to be white, I want yellow hair, or I want strait hair.” I wanted to celebrate them. That child who is confused about being biracial, or feels insecure about their culture and looks. Being biracial is beautiful and I want to teach my children to celebrate who they are and where they come from. However, this is a line for all those who are biracial and even those who are not and have locks of fun crazy curls and need to learn to embrace it. One of my favorite shirts is our Blended To Perfection T's which have different words representing being biracial and that they are perfect the way they are! 


Where or how can we place orders for this fabulous shirts? 


     Orders can be placed through email. By looking through the website, facebook, or Instagram, they can email their orders and a paypal invoice will be sent directly to them.


AWESOME (like applesauce)... as you may or may not know this, we are getting close to our 2nd Year Anniversary...YEP, can't believe that either! 

Yaritza, How do you feel about participating in our Giveaway ??  Can we count on one of your fabulous items for the winner? 


YES, we would love to participate in your Giveaway! Just let us know what we need to do.. :) 

Alright readers, there it is!! Another Small Business created with our Curly Kids in mind! So make sure you visit Cookies & Cream Couture Inc's social media pages and pick a shirt (or two) for your little ones... 

Thanks for reading! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quick Overview on Oils & Their Benefits

Natural Oils and Their Benefit

   Hello Readers:

                 First, I want to thank every single one of you who supports and follow our blog, Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Instagram Page and Pinterest Boards, it means a lot to us!!

                Now, this post will give a quick rundown on the natural oils that are popular in the Natural Hair Care World.  I could have written a very long explanation including the origin of all the natural oils you probably have come across.  

                But I didn't.  I'm sharing with you my "To Go By List" or my "Cheat Cheat List" J  It's a summary of some of the hair benefits for the most popular oils.

(These are some of the Oils we have in our collection)

The list is in alphabetical order: 

Argan Oil

*Strengthens the hair;
* It prevents dandruff, frizziness, early loss hair;
*It helps to retain moisture.

SIDE NOTE: Argan Oil has become very popular regardless of it's price.  This oil can be used not only for your hair, but skin and nails as well. 

Avocado Oil

*Great for curly hair;
*Helps to moisturize your hair;
*Prevents Split ends; 
*Revitalizes your hair; 
*Improves shine and brittle hair.

SIDE NOTE: I highly recommend you purchase a small bottle to try on your curly strands. This oil is a bit heavy and it did not worked on my daughter's hair.  I was told that this oil works better on curlies who have tight curl pattern 4b/4c.

Almond Oil

 *It helps with moisture retention (great as a sealant); 
*It prevents split ends;
*prevents early hair loss;
*it promotes shiny hair;
*revitalizes your hair and prevents heat damage by the use of blow dryers and flat irons. 

SIDE NOTE:  You can also use this on your skin.  I've been using it along with Oatmeal Lotion to keep the kids' skin moisturized.  This oils has also become my make up remover and it keeps my skin nice and soft. 

Castor Oil  
Jamaican Black Castor Oil


 *Castor Oil promotes hair growth;
*reduces split ends and hair breakage;
*Helps with moisture retention
*Helps with dry and itchy scalp.

SIDE NOTE:  Castor Oil is thick and heavy but I mix mine with other oils which it thins it out making it easier to apply to her scalp and hair.  

Jamaican Black Castor Oil as many of you already know is extremely thick because it is more concentrated and is use to promote hair growth.  I use JCBO every other day or every two days and I only apply it to her hair line. 

Coconut Oil

* Shields hair protein; 
*Great as a sealant; 
*light oil that can be use by all hair types;
*It can promote hair growth;
*It can strengthen hair shaft.

SIDE NOTE:  I have been using this oil since the first day.  Although I may not use it as often during the cold months it remains my favorite oil.  

Grape Seed Oil

*It prevents dandruff;
*It help to strengthen your hair; 
*Helps to moisturize your hair and scalp;
*it promotes shiny hair. 

SIDE NOTE:  I've just recently purchased Grapeseed Oil, I have not used it since we are experimenting with Almond Oil at the moment.  But one of our many mommies have mentioned the following: 

*It can be used before blow drying or flat ironing the hair- this oil can protect from heat damage, by JWC; 
*It can be used on your skin, specially if you have sensitive skin, by CS.

Jojoba Oil

* Promotes hair growth;
*It prevents dandruff and dry scalp;
*It can help with Eczema.

SIDE NOTE:  This is one of my favorite oils.  So many different uses, Jojoba Oil is part of my Oil Mix, I also use it on their skin.  

Macadamia Oil

*Promotes healthy hair;
*It protects hair and scalp from damage;
*It helps with moisture retention;
*The vitamin E contained in this oil can help to soften the hair, give the hair shine and works wonderfully with those frizzies. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*It helps to keep hair healthy;
*It prevents dandruff;
*Helps with the frizzies;
*promotes shiny hair;
*It helps to soften the hair. 

SIDE NOTE:  Add a few tablespoons to your deep conditioner or use it alone before your shampooing sessions and I promise you you will feel the difference! Your hair will be so soft and very manageable.    Just apply EVOO to your hair while detangling it with your fingers, place a plastic cap on top and let it sit there for 20  minutes or so. Wash and conditioned your hair and DONE! 

Red Palm Oil

*This oil is rich in Vitamin A & E;
*It strengthens the hair and promotes hair growth;
*it is known to have antibacterial properties. 

Well, that's all folks! :) 

Many of you have asked what oils do I use when I say "My Oil Mix".. well in my bottles your will find: 

On my daily bottle: 

*Castor Oil (Coconut Oil for the warm months); 
*Jojoba Oil
*Argan Oil
*Sweet Almond Oil

On my second bottle you will find Black Castor Oil with a pinch of Jojoba Oil. 

Do you have a favorite oil that your hair and skin cannot be with out?  Please share them with us by leaving a comment :) 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Style for School Pictures....

      School Picture Day is one of those day I hate and love.  I hate them because as parents, we make sure that our little ones are wearing the perfect outfit and their hair is styled just the right way but more often than not, the results are catastrophic.   Their hair is out of place, the shirts or pants have grass stains because they have been outside playing just before the picture was taken or how about the "ketchup" stains... I remember when my son took his Pre-Kindergartner pictures, he had ketchup stains all over the front of his shirt! oh boy! that was interesting to see..    

      I love picture day because it helps me keep better track of their they change over time.  However, the reality is, school pictures are one of the few pictures that we actually frame and hang for our family and friends to see.  

      After our  first catastrophe,  we made sure he took an extra outfit, got a fresh haircut and we remind him to make sure to wipe his face while he waits in line for his turn.  Let's be honest, these are kids and we never know for sure how the pictures are going to come out until we receive the envelope in his school folder.  

      After waiting approximately two to three weeks, I finally received the photos. I will be honest with all of you, I did "not" wanted to open the envelope because, I was expecting to see my son making "funny faces" or giving a "fake smile" or worst, a stained shirt or dirty shoes! 

     But curiosity won, (curiosity always wins on my end) and thankfully, this year's pictures looked great!  My son didn't make any funny faces, there was no sweat around his face, no chocolate milk mustache, his face was clean, his shirt and pants were still looking good.

         Now, guess my reaction when I opened the envelope containing Ms Bree's photos and I saw the worst smile she has ever given.   Ms Bree has always been my photogenic child, always ready to strike a pose. Ms Bree has always enjoyed taking photos BUT this year, it was her turn to make the "funny face" and give the "fake smile" my son is famous for... I guess she lost the coin toss this year as to who would take the worst pictures.  Nevertheless, she still looked beautiful.  

     For this years's school pictures, I decided to do "Half Cornrows & Two Strand Twists" and used an "old school" hair accessories, "Butterfly Hair Clips", don't they remind you of the 90's??  :)

     My little princess looked beautiful.  I believe this picture really shows how much she has grown in just this past year.  

 "Half Cornrows & Two Strand Twists" 

I used the following products: 

*Bee Mine Curly Butter; and;
* Eco Styler Gel with Olive Oil;
* Goodys elastic bands

This was my first time using Eco Styler Gel with Olive Oil and I have to say I'm very impressed.  Her twists lasted a lot longer and were more defined than previous occasions.  

     Now, I received a lot of questions as to how I do my two strand twists, how do I make them last so long and how do I do undo them. 

    I did a quick video for all of you and I hope you are able to see how I do and undo them.  

   I will try to make a better video next time I do twists. 


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  Thank you for following our blog! :) 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

SPOTLIGHT: Beautiful Me

Hello Readers... Please help me welcome our newest friends and supporters: 

The Bjork Family

    creators of:

CC&S:  Alright ladies & gentlemen, let's get comfortable and make sure you have your favorite drink within reach.  I know I do. Now, let's get to know our new friends and creators of this amazing line of shirts "BEAUTIFUL ME".  

     Meet my new friend Danielle Bjork!  Danielle, tell us how and when did you meet your other (better) half? :) 

     BM: I met my wonderful Caucasian husband at our church youth group. We had mutual friends that introduced us. After about a year of being friends we began to date, and after 4 1/2 years of dating we got engaged and 5 months later we got married. I'm happy to say that we will be celebrating 11 years of marriage in just a few days!

CC&S:  WOW, well congratulations and happy 11th anniversary are in order!! My husband and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary next week, so I can relate to that amazing feeling!! :) 

I want to know more, so let's continue, Danielle, together for 11 years.. how many beautifully blended children do you have? 

     BM:  We have 4 beautiful bi-racial children: 
            Destiny is 9 and will be 10 this year
            Danay is 7
            Demi just turned 5
            ...and we finally got our boy! Derek aka, Bubba will be 3 next week

CC&S: what a blessing.. four children with approximately two years in between each.. what can you tell us about them? are they all different?

     BM: Destiny is a studios, smart and a personable little girl who loves her family, friends and horses. She will go out of her way to make someone smile!

     Danay is our little social butterfly. This smiley thing can and will make a friend everywhere she goes. She is outgoing and extremely friendly, and has a smile that will light up a room.

     Demi is the brains of the operation. "Mimi", we call her, can often be seen reading or putting together puzzles. This itsy bitsy beauty has a breath taking smile and infectious laugh, but spends a little time with her and you will quickly see that she's a sharp little thing.

     Derek, aka Bubba is a 2ft, 25lbs ball of energy. He can go! and go! and go! The only thing we've found to slow him down is an episode of Thomas the Train- or Thomas the Twain as he calls it. He loves helping his daddy fix things around the house, and playing with his sisters.

CC&S: It's amazing to see how all our children can so different .. and don't think that we didn't notice that all of their names start with the letter "D".  :) 

Tell us how did "BEAUTIFUL ME" came to life? 

     BM: Beautiful Me was first thought of when my oldest daughter, who was in Kindergarten at the time came home with the question " Why don't I have yellow ( blonde) hair".  I explained to her that her hair was just the way God wanted it to be an that it is beautiful. I have since taught her, and my other children to see the beauty within themselves regardless of any differences. Through teaching them, I began to think of all the other little girls who might not see the beauty in their differences or quirks. Because of this, we launched Beautiful Me last October as a way to help build self esteem and worth in girls of all races, sizes, walks of life or cultural backgrounds.

CC&S:  Yes, as a mother I can relate to such incidents, I remember when my son told his daddy (during kindergartner year) that he didn't want to be "brown", he wanted to be "white" like mommy.  It was a hurtful thing for my husband to hear but it became clear to us that even at that age, children do face discrimination from their own peers (and sometimes adults).   That was one of our biggest struggles as parents, what has been your biggest struggle?

     BM: The struggles of raising bi-racial children are trying to find places where they will be accepted and not  discriminated. Places such as school, church and social interactions. All are thought through carefully. Another struggle is the questions about the differences that they notice.
     My husband and I work hard to manage these struggles by being positive about life and the uniqueness in which God created all of us. To help them not focus on the color of anyone's skin, but like the late Dr. King once stated,  " When all men will be judged by content of their character..." which is the true essence of who we are.

CC&S:  YES, I repeatedly tell them that they are beautiful and smart.  I invested a great deal of time and money trying to obtain items and ideas that could help them understand the different colors and cultures and how the world is more fun because we are all different.  

This ONE book that truly helped my son Little B was "I AM MIXED".  As he read the book, it reminded him that he was the perfect mixture of "Mommy and Daddy", he has daddy's height while having mommy's curly hair.. Now, my son is about to turn 8 and I think he feels pretty good about his physical appearance (of course now he wants muscles like daddy).. what about your little ones?  Do you see any change on how they feel about themselves? 

     BM: My girls are still very young but I think the ground work has been laid for them to understand that they are uniquely beautiful. That God's thumbprint is on each of us so we can't compare or judge our self to anyone. My girls can now find BEAUTY in anyone despite differences in height, features, complexion or hair texture.

CC&S:  That's fantastic!!  How do you continue to encourage them? 

     BM: By loving myself, By me being comfortable in my own skin. This isn't easy even for adults we are so quick to want to look like the people we see on TV or in magazines. The best way I can continue to help my children is to keep loving myself and be an example worth following.   It's an ongoing process to teach them to love what they see in the mirror. as a mother we have the responsibility to speak life into our children. I think the  biggest challenge as a mother is continuing to stay positive despite all the other stuff going on in your life. We get one chance to get this right. Encouraging words go a really long way.

CC&S:  I absolutely agree, it is no secret to anyone here that my mother was tough on me and the way I looked, always relaxing my hair, always telling me I needed to be skinnier.  Those kind of things are harmful to a child and can follow them through adulthood.  Because of my daughter I had to learn how to love me for me, curly hair and all.   I learned from her mistakes and I try my best to stay positive and definitely try for my children to be positive (sometimes my son gives me a run for my money though.. :) ).  Being a parent is not easy, this is a lifetime job we accept gladly but unfortunately, it does not come with an instruction book, what would you say to a "parent-to be" or a new parent"??

     BM: My advice to a new parent of any child bi-racial or not, would be to remind them constantly that they are beautiful, special and unique. That they are LOVED by Mommy and Daddy but most of all by GOD!

CC&S:  beautiful words!  Now, I love your shirts.. "Beautiful Me- I am that girl".. simple but powerful message, who's idea was it? 

     BM: Our shirt design is simple, we want every girl to feel special, unique and most of all BEAUTIFUL! For every girl to be able to stand with confidence and say I am beautiful...Beautiful Me

CC&S:  Where can we find these shirts? 

     BM: Currently our shirts can be purchased through our store on our FB page but we are working very hard to have our Website running soon!