Friday, June 28, 2013

She is MY STAR!


Ms. Bree's recital was a few weeks ago and the professional video we purchased on site is not available as of today so we made our own video to share it with all of you.

We are so proud of our little star!  Ms. Bree has been practicing since August 2012, but I had decided that she was NOT going to be part of the recital because I assumed she was going to freeze on stage. 

Bad mommy for thinking such negative thoughts and I should have known better.  My children are completely different and while my son froze on stage during his Pre-K Graduation and I assumed Ms. Bree was going to do the same.  The venue where the recital was held at was 10 times bigger than the School Chapel where my son's Pre-K Graduation was.


Unfortunately, the video does not include her first dance, it was a bit chaotic at the beginning.  

I think that they did great for only practicing thirty minutes once a day since last August.  

I hope you guys enjoy it, I know I did and I'm so proud of her! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Small Business Spotlight: Biracial Boutique LLC

1. What is your name and the name of your Business?

My name is Rae Tucker and my business is Biracial Boutique, LLC

2. Where is your business located?


3. Business' Website:

4. Are you the owner?

I am the founding and currently sole member/President.

5.  Briefly tell us about your business:

Biracial Boutique, LLC is an online retailer specializing in toys/games, books, hair care products, art supplies, and other related products for biracial and multiracial children and families.

Samples of some of the items carried:

New books that are coming soon:

6.  How did you come to be in this line of work?

I am the proud mother of 2 biracial children: a school aged girl and a baby boy.  I know firsthand the difficulties in finding hair products for my daughter’s fine textured but super curly hair.  

It’s almost impossible to find art supplies like crayons or markers that represent actual children’s faces because brown black and peach just don’t cut it.  Dolls are almost always one extreme or the other; I have never seen a doll resembling a biracial person in a store. 

I know many other families with biracial and multiracial children through birth, adoption, or marriage and all have expressed the same frustrations as my family.  I wanted to be able to provide a one-stop-shop for these types of items to help families and children to be able to teach about self-identity, diversity, and understanding.

7. How long have you been doing this?

Just starting out, the site went live June 1, 2013!

8. Who would benefit from your product?

The people who would benefit from my products would mainly be families who have biracial or multiracial children due to birth, transracial adoption or fostering, or through marriage / step-parenting.  People purchasing gifts for families in these categories would also benefit. I may offer a gift registry in the future if it becomes something my customers want.

9. How can our fans place their order or contact you?

All are welcome to visit to place an order or send us a message.  They can also feel free to enter reviews for products they are familiar with and come back in the future to review any of their purchases.  If they want to reach me directly, my email is  I can be reached by phone at 404-981-6482, but email is generally faster. 

10. Any current specials or event you want to share with our fans?

Through the end of June I am offering a Grand Opening sale.  Shoppers can use the coupon code GrandOpening2013 for a 10% discount on orders over $50. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Special Savings!

Hello everyone! 

Below are some amazing savings offered to all of my blog readers: 

Bee Mine Products are hand made products using gentle and natural ingredients.  Bee Mine offers several products that can be used on all types of hair textures and that includes relaxed hair.   See all their products here: Bee Mine Products/Shop.

Use our Code CCBLOG and save 10% off your order, $15.00 purchase is requires and cannot be combine with any other offer.

Honey Curls formulas are free of certain ingredients like Parabens, sulfates and alcohol.  

Use our  code CARAMELCURLZNSWIRLS and save 15% on your purchase.  
They also offer free shipping on all order over $75.00.

Our friends from Strands and Company have many special offers, for example:

Get free shipping if you sign uo fir their newsletter; (valid for first time email sign up emails only and not valid with any other offers).

Spend $25.00 now thru June 28th and get a FREE SUMMER FUN LIP BALM with your order;

Also, they have a Tab called "The $$ Saving Bundles".  Make sure you check them out!!  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Hello everyone!!! 

YES!! We have another giveaway just for you!!  



A shirt of your choice!!

To participate in this giveaway simply click and follow the rules:  ME2KIDZ Giveaway!
This giveaway is now HAPPENING and will end JUNE 18th, 2013 and the winner will be announce on Wednesday, JUNE 19th, 2013.

You are going to love these shirts!! 


Monday, June 10, 2013

Small Business Spotlight: The Pomade Shop

1. What is the name of your Business?

The Pomade Shop

2. Where is your business located? 

Brooklyn, NY

3. Business' Website:
    Twitter: @thepomadeshop

4. Are you the owner?


5.  Briefly tell us about your business:  

The Pomade Shop provides all-natural hair pomades, shampoos and conditioners.

6.  How did you come to be in this line of work?  

Pomades are my favorite type of styling products.  One day, I did a search to see if a store that only sold all-natural hair pomades existed.  When I couldn’t find it, I decided to create it.  The shampoos and conditioners were added because customers asked for complements to the pomades

7. How long have you been doing this? 

One and one-half years

8. Who would benefit from your product?

Anyone who is looking to encourage hair growth, hydrate dry strands, add sheen, tame frizz, fill in thinning edges, and seal moisture into the hair.  The products work on curly, kinky, and wavy hair types.

9. How can our fans place their order or contact you? 

Orders can be placed at I can be contacted at

10. Any current specials or event you want to share with our fans?  

We are coupon code sponsors for International Natural Hair Meetup Day, so everyone can receive a 20% discount on all full-size products by entering coupon code INHMD20 at checkout.  The coupon code is valid until June 30.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I Am Mixed Giveaway WINNERS!!

Our I AM MIXED Giveaway is officially closed!!

WOW, thanks to everyone who participated and have constantly shown support not just to our blog but to this amazing book as well!!  

After more than 400 entries, here are your winners:



The Prize:

ONE signed I AM MIXED Lithograph, signed by Garcelle Beauvais, Sebastian A. Jones and illustrated by the talented James C. Webster!!  

WINNERS: Click I AM MIXED LITHOGRAPH to choose which Lithograph you would like to receive.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Small Business Spotlight: ME2KIDZ

1. What is the name of your Business? 

     Me 2 Kidz

2. Where is your business located? 

   We’re online line only, for now!

3. Business' Website:

4. Are you the owner? 

     Yes, my name is Linnea.

5.  Briefly tell us about your business:

     We are a line of children’s tshirts, designed with characters that have curly hair, like your fans. Like myself as a child. Like lots of kids out there who do not look like the characters you might see on a tshirt if you walked into a children’s clothing store.

6.  How did you come to be in this line of work? 

     Well, I have a god son who I spent a spent a lot of time shopping for (yes, he’s spoiled!). While shopping I realized that any character tshirt I liked for him, depicted characters with fair skin and/or straight hair. So I started looking at girls graphic t’s, same thing. I thought it only fair that kids like him be able to wear clothing that shows people like them.

7. How long have you been doing this? 

   We just started in April 2013. I’ve been sitting on the idea for a long time and finally decided to just do it.

8. Who would benefit from your product? 

   Any little girl with big curls! (We’re working on something for the curly haired boys too!)

9. How can our fans place their order or contact you? 

   On our website, go to the shop page and make your selection. You can contact me at

10. Any current specials or event you want to share with our fans? 

      ME2KIDZ will be having a giveaway on June 10th, 2013!!! STAY TUNED for that!!