Thursday, May 2, 2013

UPDATED REVIEW: Mixed Chicks Hair Silk


YES, we have been given the opportunity to review  all these amazing products from Mixed Chicks

We received the box a couple of days ago and I started by using their Hair Silk on my hair.  I often wear my hair straight.

The (bottom) box included:

Mixed Chicks Shampoo;
Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner; and
Mixed Chicks Hair Silk.


Hair silk Ingredients: (shine serum)


Directions:  After using mixed chicks products, shine, smooth and finish curly or straight hair with the luxurious feel of silk; 

Place a small amount of hair silk in the palms and apply from scalp to the ends.  May  be used on wet or dry hair.  Use as often as necessary.

Claim:  *Control fly aways *reduce split ends *add extra shine



As you can see, my hair is not curly, is more "wavy", but only on the top, then it becomes straight at the end.  You will often hear me call my hair "indeciso", which means "Undecided" in Spanish.  Why? you may ask, because is in between wavy and straight, neither here or there... which it can be annoying sometimes.

To give you a better idea of my curl pattern, take a look at the Chart Below.  My hair will be considered a Type 2b/2c.


Washing my hair is not as time consuming as washing Ms. Bree's hair.  I'm currently using Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion.   I love the smell and how soft it makes my hair.  BUT that's a review for another day.  

After washing my hair, I added a little bit of Mixed Chicks Hair Silk to my wet hair and let it air dry.  

Usually when I let my hair air dry the results are not pretty, BUT after applying the hair silk to my hair, it didn't look brittle or dry, and it didn't turned into a lion's mane like it usually would. 

This is how it looked: 

The results were not bad at all! 

After my hair was 100% dry I did the following:

I again applied a little bit of the Hair Silk to my dry hair.  (CAREFUL, a little goes a long way).  

I divided my hair into four sections.  I follow the same steps I do when doing Ms. Bree's hair.  Obviously, I don't have to stretch my by using the "banding technique".   But working in small sections always minimizes heat damage to the hair, whether its curly or not.  

The tool I use:  my flat iron is a "Paul Mitchell ProTools Express Ion Smooth 1.25"; the advantage of this flat iron is that you can control the heat level.  While I use lower settings for Ms. Bree's hair (between 280-320), I use the high settings for my hair, usually between 360-400.  

NOTE:  Please remember that my hair is not a fragile as my daughters and I've been doing this for a very long time.  If you are new at using flat irons and are not sure what setting to use, PLEASE start by using the lower settings.

After flat ironing the bottom section of my hair was so smooth and shinny! 

These were the results:

The scent of the product didn't go away after using the flat iron as most of the serums I have used.   It has a citrus scent, I think, it's hard to explain but a citrus smell is as close as I can describe it.  

My hair still looked shinny and felt nice and smooth after eight hours of work.  I have the tendency to play with my hair a lot through out the day, which makes it look dull and frizzy from around the hair line, but it didn't look like that at all.

I am very happy with the results and equally happy that I was given the opportunity to try and review this product.  For years I had used others that only made my hair feel greasy and sticky after two days.  

Well, this is my second day and my hair still feels clean, light, smooth and still smells great!  How AMAZING is that?  

I know that this product is not "cones" free but then again, my hair is different and it has different needs!  

Would I try this on her??.. most likely I will the next time I flat iron her hair.   

Stay tuned .. we have plenty of Mixed Chicks products to review..including the Mixed Chicks Kids Line!! 


 May 8, 2013

 SEVEN DAYS later... my  hair still looks good.  Since it rained yesterday, I got a little wet, but IT WAS A QUICK FIX.. I just applied a little bit more of the hair silk and flat ironed the top part and nice all over again!

Here are pictures of the past few days!