Thursday, July 23, 2015

60th Wedding Anniversary - A Diamond Celebration

Hello Everyone!

Today is a very special day for our parents.  And we would like for all of you to join us and wish them a very Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary! 

Here is a brief description of this amazing couple: 

Bill and Mary Cunningham were married on July 23, 1955 and they have four (4) children:

Sherrie Copeland;
Patricia Arps;
Rhonda Cunningham Holmes; and
Billy Cunningham, II

The In-Laws: 

Sherrie has been married to Jim Copeland, Sr for 37 years; 
Patricia recently married Melvin Arps
Rhonda has been married to Ira Holmes for 23 years; and of course, 
Bill has been married to me, Elena for 10 years. 

The Grandchildren: 

Jim and Sherrie have two sons: Jimmy II and Daniel;
Patricia has three children: Denyel, Earl and Amira;
Ira and Rhonda have one son: Austin;
and as you know, Bill and I have two children: Bree and Billy III. 

The Great-Grandchildren: 

Jimmy II and his wife, Tiffanny have children: Trinity, Essence and Jimmy III
Denyel has three children: Jia, Jayla and Case
Amira and her husband Donivan have two sons: David and their latest addition, Donivan Jr

Daniel Copeland recently married Katori Copeland on May 17. 2015!  

Did I loose you yet? Okay, let's summarize.. 

Mom and Dad during the last 60 Years of Marriage have welcomed four (4) children into the world, eight (8) grandchildren and eight (8) great-grandchildren.  Of course let's not forget that they have also welcomed three (3) sons-in-law, Jim, Ira, Melvin and me, the one and only daughter in law!

Elena's Words: 

Where to begin... wow... well, I'm going to try to keep this nice and short. 

Mom and Dad, today is a huge milestone in both of your lives.  Your 60th Wedding Anniversary, MY personal wish for you is that Daddy has bought you a huge diamond as a gift that I will eventually inherit! .. Okay I'm kidding!

Our wish for you both is happiness and rich blessings for ever more. 

The two of you have welcomed me into your home with more kindness and love that I could have ever imagined.  I already knew before meeting you that you had raised four (4) beautiful children, Sherrie who has a kind soul, Patricia who is forever in love, Rhone, such an independent, confident and strong woman. (I pray that my daughter is just like her when she gets older), and of course, your son, the forever "I'm right no matter what you say".  So i knew you had to be the most wonderful and amazing people in the world. 

I was more nervous meeting Rhonda than meeting you both, while Rhonda wanted to know my five (5) year plan, Mom simply sat there wondering why were woman's clothes in her son's closet? 

The truth is, Bill and I didn't have a normal beginning like any normal couple would have, nevertheless, you both welcomes me into your family with open arms.  After all, we have never been normal and normal is so overrated!

After a year, we got engaged and I remember his words very clearly, "I finally found someone who is like my mother, someone who I want to marry", I'm not quiet sure whether Bill was asking for approval or sympathy! I believe the jury still out on that, isn't that right honey?! HA!

Over the last twelve years, you both have been nothing but over the moon nice to me.  You have been the supportive type of parents to both, your son and me.  Thank you for all that you  have done, for the words of encouragement, for all the prayers, for the great example you continue to give.  

You gave to me a special man with whom I share my life with, you're his loving parents and I'm so ready to return him, so please don't forget to come and collect him! 

In all honesty and putting all jokes aside, your faith, hope and kindness are qualities that we treasure but most of all we appreciate the love you give to every single one of us, your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, you give so many things without measure. 

We all know that marriage is NOT easy.  I can't even begin to imagine the things you  have seen, heard or experience, but the two of you have managed to overcome it all.  Many find it easier to walk away, it's easier to file for divorce than to work things out.  

You have always been there for us during our struggles, but I deeply believe that Bill and I have lasted this long, it's because neither of your ever INTERFERED, never taking sides!  You listened, you gave advice but at the end of the day, it was our job to work things out.  "Honey, it's up to the two of you to overcome this, you can work this out, come together and talk about it"... and it has worked every time for the last decade. 

Some lucky couples get to experience 10 years of marriage and some get to see their 25th Anniversary.  But not many can actually say "We've been together for 50 years", and a very small number can actually say "We've been married for 60 years".  You both are now part of a very ELITE group! 

We love you both very much, thank you for this legacy, so today we celebrate you both.  We are proud to call you "our parents", and the children are proud that you belong to them! 

Bill's words: 

My sisters and I came together and planned something very special to celebrate our parents on their 60th Wedding Anniversary.  I didn't realize how much impact their marriage has had in our lives and our own marriages as well. 

On Saturday, July 18th, 2015, family and friends came together for a small "Wedding Anniversary Dinner".  This small dinner turned out to be the most remarkable event for our Dad and Mom. 

During this time we shared old stories, which is something we have always enjoyed when every one manages to be in the same room.  The grandchildren also shared their own special stories of their time with Grandmother and Papa.  

Our parents have always encouraged us and loved us through every phase of our lives.  

We want to thank everyone who was able to attend the dinner but also thank you to those who took the time to wish our parents a Happy Anniversary.  

Aunt Patsy, Jim and Aunt Peggy
Aunt Patsy and Aunt Peggy are Daddy's sisters.

Jim and Daddy

Jim and his youngest son, Daniel
(Unfortunately, his Wife, Katori was unable to attend.  She is about to take the bar exam!)

Daniel, Earl, Austin and the youngest grandson, (our son) Little Billy III

Ms. Bree, Uncle Jim and Little Billy
(can you guess who is their favorite uncle?)

Yes (TWINS- Props to our niece for that!), Jia, Jaila and their brother Case.

Little Jimmy III, Essence and Trinity

Sherrie and Jim 

Earl and his girlfriend, Summer. 

And of course, here we are
your lovely Admins!