Monday, September 17, 2012

A Wild Looking Toddler...

As I promised Thursday, this in an update to the "All Natural Curlz" post (  

Are you ready to see this?    First, let me say that Ms. Bree had Art classes at school Thursday and as we all know, paint can be a little messy.

When she was instructed to clean her hands, well... she did more than just clean her hands, she washed her arms, her face and YES, by doing so she got her hair wet!! (which we all knoe is a big NO NO)

Thereafter, she went outside to the playground and when I picked her up from school, her hair was WILD!! 



Ms. Bree really enjoyed having her natural curls free and by using Kinky Curly products we accomplished a nice soft look that lasted for more than a day.  I deeply believe that it would have lasted longer if she would not have played with water.

I want to also add that her hair was not tangled at all! In fact, I had very little trouble sectioning the hair in order to get it washed and conditioned.

LESSON:  What I learned is that I cannot send her to school with "free curls".  Next time I'll probably do two pig tails and add the Kinky Curly products to each section.     

Overall, she loved it and had a great time showing people her natural curls, which to me is very important.   I want my daughter to feel comfortable in her own skin, to love herself from head to toes.  Although her style turned "wild", it still looked nice.

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