Monday, July 29, 2013

Recap: This Month's Styles

July has basically come to and end!  Can you believe that??  

I sure can't but a lot of amazing things have happened during this month and we are looking forward to the month of August.  

Little man will start 1st Grade and Ms. Bree will start Pre-K!  It is a bittersweet moment but I cannot be any more proud that both of them have been accepted at a Magnet School. 

With that in mind we thought we would give a recap of this month's hair styles.

Let's begin with one of our most popular styles which happens to be a very simple style as well.  

How simple and beautiful was that??  

This style can also be modified into so many others.  Keeping her hair banded minimizes any knots and tangles and of course stretches her curl pattern .  

Daddy's Promotion Ceremony

Since it was Daddy's big day, I decided to do a Braid Out at Daddy's request.   He is a big fan of "natural hair" and truly enjoys seeing Ms Bree with her hair down.


WOW, Fros on the Fourth!  What an honor it was to have partnered with Baby Big Hair for Best of Fros on the Fourth Giveaway and how much fun it was seeing all the natural beauties rocking their "Fros". 

Thank you to all the participants! 


It is amazing how much the children grow in just one year.  

Every year we take a "Family Vacation".  During this time, we just want to enjoy the kids and do a lot of fun activities with them.  

I don't want to get up early or stay up late doing hair and with that in mind, I opted to do a cornrowed pony tail and small box braids. 

With this particular style it was easy to keep her scalp and her ends moisturized and protected while we were catching sun at the beach as well as going down the water slide at the Water Park. 

(NOTE: Before every trip to the beach or water park, I sprayed water, applied oil and then conditioner.   I then collected all the hair into a bun or two buns, tucking all the ends in to prevent the ends from drying.  I co-washed her hair and re-moisturized her hair concentrating on her scalp and ends)

I simply loved the versatility of this style.  

One Pony Tail, accessorized by a beautiful Flower Clip courtesy of our lovely friend at Flowers by Fatima

Two Pony Tails, accessorized by two simple bows courtesy from our friend and neighbor at Mommasbows.

Just let it all down... 

After all those trips to the beach and Water Park it was time to take down her protective style, do a Deep Conditioner and let her hair rest before re-styling it again.

I must confess that I didn't re-styled her hair before she went back to school.

Monday morning are always hectic for us, a quick pony tail was good enough.  The flower clip is another amazing creation by our friend at Flowers by Fatima.

Since it is really difficult to do her hair during the week, specially on those days when my son has Karate, I didn't have time to do her hair the night before, therefore I re-touched her pony tail and off to school.

Sometimes during school, Ms. Bree decided she wanted her hair down and took her pony tail down, when I walked into her classroom at the end of they day, I looked around looking for my child... I have to say I couldn't spot her.  

This is how I found her! 

We can surely say that July was our "Free Hair" month... 

July 31, 2013! 

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