Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Break Hair Style

          Spring Break has come and gone for us.  For some of you spring break has not arrived yet and for others, spring break will not be happening due to the snow storms we've experienced during this winter. 

Since my children were going to be spending a few days with Grandmother and Papa, I needed a style that is easy to maintain.  It has been a long time since Grandmother had to take care of a little girl's hair and she has always expressed how she wouldn't be able to style my daughter's hair. 

With that in mind, I decided to do a very simple style that could easily me modified and easy to maintain.  Box Braids & Cornrows... how easy is that?

The last time I styled the front section of her hair in cornrows was a few weeks ago.  The cornrows were styled from the hair line towards the back.  

Therefore, I decided to change the directions of the cornrows in order to give her hair line a break.  

Remember it is not healthy to style the hair in the same direction all the time.  


I was glad to see that her hair lasted.

For Saturday's festivities, I spritz water all over her scalp and braids; 
I applied our oil mix to every row very carefully; 
Then I applied Bee Mine Curly Butter;
I rubbed Bee Mine Curly Butter on my hands and then applied carefully to each braid and concentrated on her ends; 
I re-did braids (only to those that were coming lose) and
Then finger coiled the very end of each braid.  (I did not had to use the rubber bands at the end of the braid to secure it because the braids)

She insisted on wearing a flower therefore I did a "Half Pony Tail".. I "rope twisted" the front cornrows and gathered them at the back of her head by using one of our "ouchless elastic band" and clipped the flower on the top.   

Now, her braids are all ready to face another week!


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