Sunday, October 26, 2014

Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Hello Readers!

Halloween is just a few days away and with that fun filled day in  mind, I want to share this easy idea on how to carve your pumpkins using COOKIE CUTTERS! 

Last night a few of our friends and neighbors got together to make this a fun activity for the kids.  Well, let's just say that all parents were cleaning and carving pumpkins while the kids were having fun doing something else!  After cleaning all four pumpkins, I carved the "Spooked Kitty" for Ms Bree and let the record show that this morning my fingers and arms were killing me! 

While my husband cheated by using a power tool.. yes, that's him using a power saw- pfftt the nerve! I did it the traditional way.. poke, poke, cut, cut!  

Today I came across the video below on our Facebook Page and after my struggle last night, I decided to go for it!! 

I used the cookies cutter I used during Ms. Bree's 4th Birthday Celebration:  

*During last night's gathering, all of our pumpkin were emptied of its seeds.  

*I placed the cookie cutters where I wanted the design to be; 

*Gently tap the cookie cutters by using a small hammer or mallet until it goes through the skin and is all the inserted in place;

*Gently push the inside of the cookie cutter in order to push the cut out part into the pumpkin 

*then gently pull the cookie cutter out of the pumpkin!

This was the result to one of Ms. Bree's pumkin!

How easy  is that!! 

Have you carved your pumpkins yet?? Share your carved pumpkins with us by sending your pictures to

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