Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Her 6th Barbie Birthday Party

Hello Readers!

Wow, Ms. Bree is now 6 years old!  I still can’t believe that my youngest, my baby girl is now 6!

It was a bitter sweet moment if I’m being totally honest.  I truly love and enjoy seeing my children grow every day and seeing them accomplish many things in life but I wish they could remain little forever! Okay, maybe not forever, but at least for a little bit longer. 

February has been a very exhausting but exciting month.  While our daughter celebrated her sixth year of life, she continues to improve in her studies as well as gymnastics and dance.   Our son successfully passed the SRI and MAP Test required to be promoted to the 3rd Grade.  Soon my first born will turn 9 years old and will be a third grader.  Time is going way too fast if you ask me.

I have always aim to make my children's birthdays memorable and this year was no different.  For this year’s theme Ms Bree picked Barbie! 

Since we were celebrating her 6th birthday…. I wanted to do something different, something that expressed her girly and fun side, something MEMORABLE!  And I truly believe I accomplished just that.  While I found Barbie Theme Decorations at our local Party City I was not very impressed by their look.  I wanted something more.  

With the help of some of our friends and sponsors, Ms. Bree’s Birthday Party was epic, a celebration that lasted THREE DAYS!!!

The Decorations

 After spending many hours and pinning many ideas on Pinterest, I came across Cupcake Express- Cupcake & Party Supplies Etsy Shop.   

Kristi has many DIY Printable Party Decorations and her Barbie Theme design was exactly what I was looking for.  It gave the party the feel of being a celebration for a young girl whose no longer a baby.. Make sure you visit her site!! 

You can buy each item individually or you can buy the package.  I opted to buy the Deluxe Package which included the following: 

-"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Banner (each piece measures 5x7.5 in. there is 2 pieces per sheet)
-Cupcake toppers ( 4 designs) * Personalized*
-thank you tags (2 designs) 
-labels (3.75x3in. 6 designs)
-invitation (5x7 jpeg or PDF format) Photo or no photo ( you pick style) * Personalized
-cupcake wrappers (4 designs)
-printable paper (4 digital papers sheets)
-water bottle labels ( 5 on a sheet)
-mini candy bar wrappers (4 designs)
-8 in Circles ( 4 designs)
-Welcome Sign * Personalized
-Straw Flags ( 4 designs)

-Pendant Flag banner ( 2 designs) 

Candy Wrappers

Water Bottle Labels

Straw Flags

Cupcake Wrappers

Pendant Flag Banner

The Invitations 

Hair Style

Introducing Brianna England! Brianna has been my hair stylist and friend for a very long time, so I briefly told her that Ms. Bree wanted her pony tail to imitate the style of the silhouette on the decorations.  Ms. Bree loved it!  

Birthday Outfit:

Our friend and sponsor, Tyree Edwards, owner of Miss Teeny Fab Couture has designed a few items for Ms. Bree.  Tyree's designs are out of this world and are worth every single cent. 

I explained to her what I thought I wanted, provide her with the colors and she took my little idea and turned it into this AMAZING design... bow included! 

To see more of her designs read our post on Miss. Teeny Fab Couture!

Barbie Cookies

YUM, the cookies! Let me tell you about these tasty cookies! They were the hit of the party as well with her classmates! 

Made specially for us by Tiffany's Homemade and they came from New Jersey! When I approached her with my idea, she was excited because this was the first time creating this particular design.  I never doubted her ability to bake the most fabulous cookies! 

The size, the taste and the detailed on each cookie were amazing... I can honestly say they are addicting! They were so pretty I didn't want to eat them, but nobody could resist the taste... 

Barbie's Pink Popcorn

Barbie's Pink Pearls

Barbie's Vintage Cake

Barbie Thank You Bags

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