Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Make Wash Days Easier by Using this item!

Hello Everyone! 

A few days ago while browsing the Pinterest Site, I came across this great idea and you will probably wonder the same thing I did... "Why didn't I think of this?!"

As parents of curly kids, we are always looking for tips and products that can make "wash days" easier and less painful for the little ones.  

Let me assure you that this IS one of the greatest things I've tried that actually works.  The investment value... are you ready?. 0.75 cents! 

Pool Noodle!

As you may already know, the pool noodles come in different shape and size.
The wider the noodle the higher the price.  

I purchased two different sizes: 

Purple ($0.75 cents) and Pink ($1.49)

(Image found on Pinterest Board)

Now, your probably thinking.... "What? and I never thought of doing this because?"

Trust me, that was the same reaction I had, especially after I purchased the Hair Wash Tray from Amazon.com (see picture below).

While we made it work the first time and she was happy with the experience, it was difficult to use it again.  It became impossible to find the right angle again.  

The tray is not meant for small bathroom sinks and to be used at a kitchen sink, you have to have the right chair that will give the right height for the tray to sit at a comfortable angle.  

We decided to try both noodles in order to determine which was one felt more comfortable to her. And she was more comfortable with the purple one, "so much better mama".  

Fortunately, the noddle is the exact same length as her tub and it was "locked" in place and didn't require something to keep it from sliding back and forth.  

Therefore, we experience NO MESS AT ALL! 

I suggest you give this a try! 

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