Wednesday, December 23, 2015

DIY- Snow Globes

Hello Everyone!!! 

      The big day is almost here and my little ones at getting a little wrestles.  Due to unfavorable weather, they have not been able to go outside and play and boredom is starting to set in. 

      I know I have not posted any new hairstyles, but Ms. Bree's hair is still styled in two strand twists, but I will unravel all her twists on Sunday before we head out to Church.  

   Here is what her hair looks like now: 

      Now, I'm going to be sharing my friend Yari's idea!  This is a very easy and simple craft that all the kids will enjoy making.   Our scout elf, Snowflake brought the kids some snow globes as a gift, but because it has been raining heavily in the past couple days, she had no other choice but to use some of her magic to protect them.  Unfortunately, she had to disassemble them and the kids had to put them back together.  

    The Materials: 

  • Mason Jar (I already had these jars, but you can buy them at any store)
  • Glitter (1.99)
  • Their favorite figurine (if you think they will notice the figurine belongs to them, you can buy small ones from the Dollar Store)
  • Hot Glue Gun


(I did the following while the kids were asleep, after all, these were a gift from Snowflake)
  1. Hot glue your child's favorite figurine onto the inside of the lid;
  2. Let the glue cool;
     Below you can see Snowflake's special note to the kids  At the bottom of her note are the directions to complete the Snow Globe. 

  1. Add the glitter to the empty jar;
  2. Add water to the jar (all the way to the neck- but if your figurine is a bit in the large size, I suggest adding a bit less water.  You can always add some more later)
  3. Carefully insert your inner lid with your special figurine
  4. Seal tightly, flip, shake and enjoy your special Snow Globe.

      And your snow globe is all complete!  


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  1. AAWWWW! Making snow globes look like so much fun. I will have to try this with my children. I know they would love it. Your children are getting so big and are growing up fast! Keep up the good work sis. 2016 will be an awesome year for you and your family. I am sending you guys my love! Thank you for always supporting me and my business. Have an awesome night.