Sunday, February 28, 2016

How to Easily Create a DIY Spring Wreath

Hey Everyone!! 

Spring Break is fast approaching and I am happy to welcome it!  

While Spring doesn't officially starts until March 20th, I thought we could get a head start and take advantage of the several sales the local crafting stores have available now. 

My last spring wreath was fairly easy and inexpensive to make. The total spent on making the above wreath was approximately $23.79.  

Unfortunately the ribbon didn't last very long and the letter became unglued.  Therefore, instead of fixing it I decided to change the look of it completely.  

Of course, we saved some money by using the same grape vine round wreath form.  We saved even more by buying the "Hydrangeas" at 40% off at my local craft store.  

I originally purchased eight (8) Hydrangeas, but as you can see on the above picture, it doesn't look as full as I wanted the wreath to be.  

I decided to go back to Michael's and buy two (2) more Hydrangeas and rearrange the flowers to bring them closer together until I was happy with the result.

Now, after seeing and taking in consideration both looks, I felt like it was missing something.

As I mentioned in the video, the technique is not new but it was new to me.  It is fairly easy to make, however, I had a hard time cutting the "v" due to the fact that my ribbon was a little bit thicker and my stack doubled in size because I used two sets of ribbon instead of one.

To learn more about it visit:  How to Tie a Bow from DIY Ready  

Total amount of dollars spent in flowers         $34.90
Ribbon                                                                    $  6.00 
Grape Vine Wreath Form                                     FREE
Large Letter                                                             FREE

And now my beautiful wreath is done! 

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