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Review on Monster High Boo York Boo York & More

Hello again Everyone!!  

Today we will be talking about Monster High!  Our daughter has been fascinated with these  monsters for quiet some time.  

Ms. Bree asked for several of the dolls and received some Monster High dolls for Christmas and some for her her 7th Birthday a few weeks ago.  The majority of the dolls are from the new line, Boo York, Boo York.  She also received a Wii Game, the new Deadluxe High School Play Set and some storage trunks.  

This will be the first post of a two posts series.  We can, but we will not go over all the Monster High items on one post.    

I have to admit I like seeing her play this game and I love playing the game myself.  Okay, NO, I'm not allowed to play the game without her but I do play the game when Ms. Bree can't figure out how to find the object she is supposed to find in order to move to next challenge.  

**I will say this, the game has a couple of difficult parts.  But not too complicated. If you press #2 at the bottom of your remote, a green arrow will appear letting you in which direction to look in order to find the object.

In this game, the child gets to pick how their "Ghoul" looks, whether is a vampire, werewolf, werecat, ghost, zombie or mummy.  They get to select skin color, hair color and screename.  Then the adventure begins!  The child will receive (oral and written) directions.

PLEASE NOTE: Wii Remote and Wii Nunchuck Controller are required to be able to play this game.  

Here is a little video of her playing the game. 

Product Description: The Monster High gang returns for this trip to the big city, Boo York, for a musical adventure of frights, fashion, and new friends. 

Our Review:

I would pick a Monster High movie a thousand times over a Barbie movie.  Yes, this is a musical but  and is full of contemporary music- rock, and clean rap.  The songs are not annoying as you would think.   

While some reviewers believe that it has too much boyfriend/girlfriend action, I disagree.  Cleo and Deux have been an item in every single movie, and its no different in this movie.  It contains the usual positive message and observations about diversity.  It teaches the little ones that they don't have to do what other people want them to do.  To be true to themselves as well as the value of friendship.

New York and the landmarks of this city are on the center stage, and who doesn't like a good multi-threaded plot with some suspense and action.   

With this movie came a new line of character dolls as well as a CD described as an "original motion picture soundtrack".  I purchased the soundtrack for Ms. Bree so that she may listen to it whenever and as many times she wants.  

Here is one of Bree's favorite songs from the movie.  

Product Description:     Monster High Deadluxe High School Playset

With multiple levels and rooms, the Monster High Deadluxe High School Playset holds plenty of ghoulish secrets. Slimey tentacles emerge from a locker to offer your doll a seat. Head to the library/Study Howl to find a secret passageway between the walls, then eat lunch in the Creepateria. In the Vampire Lounge, hang a Monster High student upside down (doll not included) by clipping the doll's feet directly to the ceiling or snapping him or her into the gore-gous pink and black quilted chair that attaches to the ceiling. Wander into a classroom to take notes from the monstrous blackboard and try not to get sent to Headmistress Bloodgood's office! The hidden office reveals itself only when the clock tower is opened. Hang out in the main hallway, which doubles as an event space with plenty of freak-tabulous accessories, then head up the sinister staircase to the radio station, which supplies the ghostly beats. With guillotine silhouettes, spider webbing and other monstrous details, this playset offers plenty of creepy fun!

Product Highlights

  • Main entrance is great for hosting parties, such as the monstrous school dance
  • Radio station with radio booth and signage on the first floor
  • Library/Study Howl hides a secret passageway
  • Hang your Monster High dolls upside down in the Vampire Lounge using the black and pink quilted chair or by clipping your doll's feet directly to the ceiling
  • Take notes in the freaky classroom from the monstrous blackboard
  • Access Headmistress Bloodgood's hidden office by opening the clock tower
  • Playset features multiple levels and rooms for hours of ghastly fun
  • Slimey tentacles come out of a locker to create a chair
  • Folds with accessories inside for storage
  • Note: Monster High dolls not included

For this specific Deadluxe play set you are going to need a large space! 

What can I say about this playhouse... she loves it!!  I was hesitant in buying this item at first.  It is not really cheap (unless you are able to get it on sale) and like many kids, my kids can and will lose interest in some toys within a few weeks.  I am amazed that she continues to play with this set every minute she has for free play.  Keep in mind this was given to her as a Christmas Gift almost two months ago.  

There is so much space containing doll holders for her to place and/or store her dolls, three (3) stories and eight (8) rooms in total! As well as chairs, picnic tables, desks and other accessories to re-create an every day high school scene.  

My Husband and Daddy had to put it together and it does take some time.  As you can see on the above picture, it is pretty big once this play set is fully assembled.  If does not fold completely into a neat rectangle like some doll houses.  When folded this play set resembles more of a triangle, freeing some space. 

I am truly impressed with all the little details like:

  • the spooky spider webs;
  • the sneeze guard over the "food" in the "Creepateria";
  • the DJ Beat station, 
  • You can also hang your Monster High doll upside down in the Vampire Lounge using the black and pink quilted chair or by clipping your doll's feet directly to the ceiling; and
  • Take notes in the freaky classroom from the monstrous blackboard.

To be honest, this is by far, the best product I have purchased.  With the years Ms. Bree has received Frozen Castle and other sets but quickly lost interest in them.  

Bottom line ladies, I totally recommend this product!! 

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