Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easy Spring Crafts For Kids- Project 1

Welcome back everyone! 

To continue with our Spring and Easter theme this month, we have quiet a few easy crafts that you can do with your little ones while at home.  

Instead of writing a very long post, we've decided to break our Easy Spring Crafts for Kids into a series of small posts.

Project #1
Colorful Picket Fence & Flowers

These beautiful picket fences are easy to make by using things our children love to play with:

a.  "Popsicle" sticks
b.  Glue
c.  Kids' paint and
d.  Foam stickers. 

Possibilities are, you already have some these materials are home, like the paint, popsicles sticks and glue.  The foam stickers can be found at any store for less than $2.00! 

This project guarantees to give you some quality time with you little ones and it WILL NOT break the bank... this is what I call a "win-win".

The only messy part of this project is the painting of the popsicle sticks.  

Once the sticks are completely dry, it is time to glue them together.  Remember, the fence can be as long as the kids want them to be.   I always tell my kids, "Sky is the limit here"!

Once the sticks are glued in place, it is time to decorate!  You can easily display these pieces of art by sticking them onto your refrigerator or add a piece of ribbon onto to the back so that kids may hang them. 

Happy Crafting and don't forget to share with us your master pieces!!! 


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