Monday, April 25, 2016

The Amazing SCAD Sidewalk Art Festival

Hello everyone! 

Daddy is finally home and we are so happy that our little family it's back together... Yes, Hubby had to travel to Columbia, South Carolina and had to remain there for an entire week!  

Was it hectic? Absolutely! Having to drive the kids to all of their after school activities, making sure their homework was completed as well as my house chores had me begging for mercy by Friday.  I have always thought magnificent things of single mothers, I've always praised their ability to juggle it all by themselves, but after spending a week alone with all the responsibilities, my respect for single mothers have increased by a thousand percent.  

There is no better way to relax than to enjoy a beautiful day at  the park admiring some mind blowing colorful pieces of art, created with chalk by SCAD students, alumni and high school students as well!! 

S.C.A.D. (Savannah College of Art and Design) hosted the 35th Annual Sidewalk Arts Festival which took place at the beautiful Forsyth Park this past Saturday, April 23, 2016.  

This event is always free and the public is always welcome to witness these artists creating their masterpieces for a chance to win prizes at the end of the show. Artists at the top of the different categories are awarded a special prize.  


It was amazing to see not just one but many colorful creations done in memory of the magnificent and talented Prince, who sadly passed away on Thursday.

But this was by far our favorite!  This was created by the talented Ariana Fletcher!  When we inquired about her art, we discovered that it took her nearly two and a half hours to complete.  Let me say this, these pictures don't do the artist justice.  

Here are some more murals dedicated to Prince that were created by different artists. 

These are some more of our favorites: 

Little Man's favorite was this dinosaur, "more specifically, a velociraptor".. 

"Lemon-aid" was my favorite for so many reasons:

1. Bree was dressed in this "lemon-"lime" color, and 
2. I enjoyed the joke in the title of this piece. 

We had a great time viewing the art and even go to see some of these talented artist create their art, it truly was amazing.  There is nothing better than spending "family time" on a lovely sunny day in the park   The way God intended us to enjoy each other. 

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