Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Mother's Day Sale by

Mother's Day SALE has begun at and! 

Up to 30% OFF!

-10% off with the purchase of 1 item with code curlymoms1.

-20% off with the purchase of 3 items with the code curlymoms2.

-30% off with the purchase of 5 items with the code curlymoms3.

SALE ENDS May 9th. 

Beautify your Curls!

If you are a fan of these products or if you have been dying to try them, this is a sale you don't 
want to miss!!  

I will be re-ordering my favorite products from this line, which are:

Softest Curls;
Curly Cake Shake; and
Down & Out!! 

I feel a little bit daring today so maybe I will order something new like "Happy Nappy Styles" or "Curly Styling Butter"!!! 

You can read our review here: Down & Out by BlendedBeauty!!

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