Friday, May 20, 2016

End of the Year Awards....

So much to share.... First, a big CONGRATULATIONS to our baby girl for achieving her first Honor Roll!! (yes, first, she's only in first grade) :)

Today, my husband and I attended a second "Award Ceremony" for our daughter.  Their official ceremony was this past Monday.  Unfortunately, due to some miscommunication in within the staff, some students were overlooked, including our hard working daughter who had only one B (88) in Language Arts.

Both of my children are hard working kids, but this girl... she is the definition of "committed".  You may remember her monthly illnesses and her second surgery which forced her to be out more days that any child is allowed.  If you have not, you can read about her struggle here: A Little Girl's Journey to Surgery: Tonsillectomy

Ms. Bree studied very hard even during the days she was sick.  She would often take two tests in one week because it was important to her to make up all the work and tests she had missed while she was absent.  Ms. Bree never cared for scoring anything lower than a 90, and whenever she would score anything in the 80s (which is still a B by the way), she would be very upset, to the point of tears but it also made her more determined to do better.

There were times, when she couldn't stand knowing she didn't get an A, she would beg me to talk to her teacher and asked her if it was possible for her to re-take the test, "because I wasn't ready mama, I was sick for three days and I couldn't remember it all, I got confused".  What kind of kids does that??  I sure didn't!! I would just put extra patting on my butt and pray my mama beating would be a quick one!!   

Imagine our surprise when she received a "Reading Award"!! I was informed that her Lexile Level is 460!! (In Georgia, 2016 Lexile Gateway Requirements in order to be promoted, students in the 2ND Grade must meet a 345 Lexile Level)  Well, let's just say that I don't anticipate her having any problems in the reading department.  Regardless of her level, she will continue to do lessons from her Common Core Language Art Book and we will continue to practice dictation and spelling through out the summer.

Now, all of you know I'm a planner, and my entire week was consumed by the planning of "Summer Lessons".  Yes, I'm that kind of mom that makes her kids work even during the summer.....

I had already compiled a list of possible titled for Ms. Bree to read this summer but now I have to pick new titles.  We were under the impression her reading level was in the 200s... Boy, did she have us fooled!! Her list of books must be in the 400 to 500 range.  Jeesshhh!

Continue the good work my mini me, mommy and daddy are so proud of you!

We will continue to give you all the tools you need to do better in school, but remember that it's really your hard work and your determination to be an amazing student that made this possible!!  

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