Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Recap and This Month's Protective Style!

Hello my beautiful people!! 

This is a recap of the last week of May.  I know, I know, I have been unplugged and "MIA" for a few days but it was good to just relax at the beach with our kiddos.  No phones, no Ipads... just lots of sun and fun with our children.

Well, May is gone, gone, gone and June has arrived!!  I can't believe school is officially over and summer vacation has started.

Although school was over on May 20th, 2016, Calvary Day Summer Camp program, which by the way is our children's favorite summer program, didn't begin until June 3rd.

Therefore, our kids had to spend a few days with Grandmother and Papa so that we could work and make the last minute preparations for our Annual Myrtle Beach Vacation.

Basically our children were only gone for four days (Sunday Night 5/22 - Thursday 5/26th) but it was far too long for this mama! They may try my last nerve but the reality is, they are all mine and I do feel a little bit lost without them.   

This mama was supper happy when they arrived home late Thursday night.   Unfortunately, I was unable to accompany my husband to pick them up because our new puppies needed supervision.  Yes, wait until I share my "Boxer Puppies Post" with all of you!

Little man arrived back home just in time to receive a very important piece of mail.  We posted a quick video sharing the news on our Facebook Page.. click: HE MADE HONOR ROLL!!  

I must confess that I do worry about him and his grades.  I see a lot of me in him when it comes to "math" and we did struggle a bit a couple of times through out the year.  While I have to learn how to "NOT" stress him and me about his studies, I am glad that we have established a routine for those nights when he has to be at practice and/or games.

Having a plan and putting that plan into action has saved a lot of headaches and his grades. Otherwise I truly believe his grades would have suffered at great deal.  Stay tuned because I will share tips and ideas on how we prepare them for the next school year and how we are able to have good grades even when they play sports three nights at week.  

June's Protective Style

Because the warm and dry days have also arrived, it is time to style Ms. Bree's hair into a protective style.   This style also worked perfectly for our Myrtle Beach Vacation.  

I used the following products in the following order (on freshly washed and conditioned hair): 

Blended Beauty Curly Cake Shaker;
Creme of Nature Argan Oil; 
Blended Beauty "Down & Out"; with 
(a bit of) Eco Styler Gel with Argan Oil. 

Using the Eco Styler Gel allows her braids to last a bit longer.  It also helps with a more defined "braid out" if she decides she wants to rock her hair out for a few days before restyling.  

The practicality of this style is amazing.  I was able to easily co-wash and moisturize her scalp as well as her ends after every trip to the water park and beach. 

TIP: Remember, it is imperative to co-wash and moisturize their curly tresses every time they spend time at the pool or beach. Too much sun and chlorine can be damaging to their hair.

Now, stay tuned because we will be sharing wit you our Father's Day Gift Ideas, Ms. Bree's Recital, Billy's 2016 Baseball Season, Our Family Adventures in Myrtle Beach, and we will also be sharing our tips on how to prepare them ready for the next school year!!!  


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