Friday, October 28, 2016

Adventures at the Pumpkin Patch

Awww an adventure at the Pumpkin Patch… Fall is my favorite season of the year and I think my kids like it too!

What a better way to start our weekend than visiting our favorite farm, Holiday Farms in Ridgeland, South Carolina and just like they claim, "Just not a Holiday... an experience!"

Our family has visited this farm for a couple of years now and there are a few things I truly love about this farm, for example, they are family owned and operated, they transform the farm on each holiday and you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks.  We all now how expensive purchasing food and drink can be when visiting the local fair.   They also have a covered picnic area for all the visitors to enjoy. 

Holiday Farms offer many activities and my kids take advantage of every single one.  Well, let me take that back, they can no longer do the speedway since that activity is only for toddlers… 

As soon as we arrived we were able to see the welcome signs, the "fall" decorations and hay rolls sprayed painted with funny images of animals. 

 My favorite decoration was this perfectly shaped pumpkin painted in red... it looked so shiny!  

Not far from the entrance we were able to find a large group of colorful "mums".  Last year my best friend gifted me with some of her "orange" mums. I know, they don't last very long but they just look so festive!

And who can say no to their new Jumppad!  and guess what?  Adults are also allowed to jump on it too!!! Not that I got on it or anything... 

Our kids spent a good amount of time jumping and chasing each other on this pad.  Energy zapper at work!

Then we enjoyed some time playing with the cornhole boards!  This is when I realized my daughter has an amazing arm and aim.  Yes, they had 4 different sets of boards and they had to play on each one.  So we played this game for a w-h-i-l-e!

After playing with the conrnhole game, they moved towards the next game, "ring toss".   

When they realized the wagon was coming, they forgot about the ring toss game and ran towards the "Barnyard Zoo" in order to board the wagon! 

See, they ran.. we didn't.. because we knew that once they got closer to the barn, they were going to pet every animal before they actually got on the wagon.   And petted, they did! HAHA!

Their new covered wagon actually takes you around the farm to the back field which is where all the pumpkins are.  Another great thing about this adventure, everyone got to pick a pumpkin from the patch which was included in their $10.00 admission fee.

Pumpkins everywhere... big pumpkins, medium size pumpkins, tiny baby pumpkins, and it was so much fun trying to find that perfect pumpkin to bring home.  

Our only rule for the day was, if you can't carry it (pumpkin) then you can't take it. After all parking was at a good distance away from the grounds, so it made sense to put that rule in place, especially if you have to carry a pumpkin of your own.  But when you have daddy wrap around your little finger, who cares what mommy says! 

And we couldn't just leave without seeing a "pig race", that would have been an incomplete experience for them! 

It was fun to see all those little piglets running!

These are the faces of some tired and hungry kids!  Unfortunately, our kids waited too long to decide it was time for them eat.  

If you know me, then you already know that when I take the kids to places like this, I only go for one thing and one thing only, FOOD!  So, as soon as I got there I went straight to the extremely long line that promised to provide me with some good old fashion Funnel Cake, ribs and perhaps some good BBQ chicken.  Our children had other plans, they insisted that they were not hungry and there was no need for me to stand in line, so we decided to forgo the food and go straight for the activities.  

Let me say this, what a GIGANTIC MISTAKE that was! Since they waited until the last minute, all the greasy and delicious food was GONE and they had no other choice but to settle for snow cones and a small basket of french fries!  

But they had so much fun that not been able to get a funnel cake was totally okay with them.

We highly suggest you make plans to visit Holiday Farms.  Your little ones will enjoy participating in the many activities like barrel racing, duck racing, corn grinding, steer roping, cow milking and getting to know the animals at the Barnyard Zoo.  

Every Saturday you will be able to enjoy the food from their concession stands as well as live entertainment!

Don't forget to stop by their General Store while you are there and check out all of their items like their local honey, jellies, jams as well as soaps, candy and toys!

But our adventures are not stopping there... today we will be putting our costumes on and having some fun with the officers at SCMPD Precinct 5!


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