Thursday, August 30, 2012



This is a fun style for the summer and its perfect for school.  Box braids are very popular this summer and they are also a low maintenance natural style that can last for two or three weeks if not more.

I did not add any extensions or yarn to Ms. Bree's hair.  You can change this style in so many ways, I chose to do two strands rope twists on the top section, but if you do not want to do rope twists, you can do more box braids or you can also do cornrows. 

Box braids can be done in any size and they are very easy to do.  This week week I chose to do small/medium box braids.  I think the smaller the braids, the longer they last.  You can also accessorize them by adding beads or snaps at the end or you can keep it simple and don't accessorize them at all. 

You can also do other styles like wear them all down or place all braids into a pony tail or a nice fancy updo.

I do want you to know that doing box braids can be very time consuming, of  course it all depends on the size of the braids and the length of the hair.  I believe it is a perfect protective style, so I really do not mind spending one to two hours doing them.   Keep in mind that you can always part the section the night before and do the braids the following day in order to reduce the braiding time.  

It took me around ninety minutes to complete this style. 

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