Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ms. Bree ..when I couldn't do much...

This is Ms. Bree, she was born 5lbs, my little bundle of joy was born with a head full of hair, as all of you can see, she had very straight hair.

No biggie right! well, let me tell you we were so wrong about this...

When she was about 5 months old, she started to lose the hair on the back of her head, developing a "bald spot".   At the beginning I thought I was doing something wrong but let me say that there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent them, some children do get the bald spots!

In the above picture, you can see Ms. Bree at 6 months old, the front of her hair was getting curlier and curlier while the hair on the back was missing in action.   

Here she is at 12 months old, as you can clearly see she found the toilet tissue very interesting! 
Her hair was getting thicker and curlier by the minute, you can also see that her sides were still short while the hair on top was growing longer very fast.  Sure the hair on the back of her head was growing but it was growing at a much slower pace than the top, the texture was also different than the hair on the top of her head, it was dryer, and sometimes would get tangle in her or my clothing, buttons etc.

In order to protect her hair from the elements, we would use hats (for bigger toddlers) to cover her hair entirely.  

Here she is at almost 11 months old, this is the best hair style that i could do on her short hair.  The sides and the back were very short at that time, you can see it better on the picture below.   

I know that it is very scary when your infant starts to lose his/her hair, it is totally normal unless you see pattern through out their head, red/white flakes and/or when the infant is constantly trying to scratch that particular spot, and/or if the child is no longer an infant and suddenly finds a spot.  A parent usually knows when things are not normal.    

If you notice your infant having a bald spot just watch the way he/she sleeps.  Ms. Bree used to sleep on her back while at daycare, but on her tummy while at home, so her bald spot never got bigger. 

I found this article about Baby Hair Care:

Unfortunately, I didn't do anything to her hair back then, and as of this date I still wonder if I could have done something different to help her hair.  My daughter's hair is a combination, with really tight curls on the bottom and the loser curls on top, it is also known as 3b/3c Type of Hair.

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