Thursday, August 9, 2012

Their First Haircut

Boys and their first haircuts are one of so many things we as parents look forward to, after all it is considered all over the world as a "milestone" for a baby, and so may of us even save the first lock of hair, we simply follow our family's tradition.  
My husband and I agree that our son was going to get his first haircut after he turned one.
When it was time for our son to get a haircut, we had several discussions as to where to take him and who was going to be in charge and/or responsible of any future trips to the barber.  My husband and I agreed that it was going to be a "daddy & son" thing to do every other week since we had already established that my son's hair grew at an alarming rate and it was also going to be an "Father & Son" bonding time.   

On May 2008, at almost 18 months old, my husband took our son to get his first haircut, well, I should say when he said good bye to his beautiful hair!  

When my husband and son arrived home that afternoon, I was really excited to see his new look, but what I got was something else.  I experienced a wave of emotions, I cannot explain to you how I felt, I was furious/angry, sad, and I believe what my husband experienced was "FEAR".   Honestly, at that moment, he was right to be afraid, I wanted to kill somebody, and I just didn’t know who I was going to kill first, him for allowing it or the barber for doing it right and/or expressing to my husband the fact that he didn’t know anything about biracial hair.

After that horrible mistake, we had to deal with the consequences.  His hair grew back rather quickly, within a month his curls were back but they were no longer soft and shiny.  In fact, his hair texture changed, it is now thicker and dry, his type 2C wavy hair pattern changed more to a 3A curly hair. 

Now, we keep his hair short on the sides and the back and a bit long on the top, we have finally found products that work for him in order to bring back the softness and shine.  He also gets monthly deep conditioning treatments to restore and protect his hair from his exposure to the elements.  

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