Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Quick Hair Style

I just wanted to share these pictures and give you an idea of a quick simple style.  

This morning it was my turn to take my oldest son too school and had to be at work at a reasonable time.  Which meant that I couldn't spend a lot of time doing Ms. Bree's hair.  

Trust me when I say, Ms. Bree's hair is not always done in a very detailed or complicated style and I have learned to be okay with it!  

A very simple style can look adorable if you just add a few accessories to it.  

Ms. Bree has three pony tails, each pony tails has 5 twist (2 strand twists).  

I then braided all 5 twists into 1 big braid (did this to all three pony tails);
Then I braided all 3 braids into a BIGGER Braid..

Added white ribbons to the front pony tails and a bigger bow to the ends.  

AND ALL DONE! Ms. Bree was ready to school in less than 30 minutes...

Remember, Simple is also beautiful!!! 

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