Monday, October 22, 2012

Princess Cinderella Hairstyle & More

This weekend was a fun weekend for the kids. 

My son's karate instructor had an event called "Halloween Board Breaking" in which all the children got to wear their Halloween costume and break boards by using their punches and kicks.

Lil B. choose to be "Wolverine" and  Ms. Bree choose to be "Cinderella"!

After my son saw "Baby Big Hair" shirt: "It's All Mine Tee",  he asked me not to cut his hair (we will see how long that lasts!).  We did had a little hard time trying to make the face mask fit properly because he has a little "fro" going on.

Here is my baby boy:

Ms. Bree's hairstyle was very simple and easy to do.  

I did a combination of medium size box twists (instead of braids) along her hair line and then combine them into a Bun.  I did not tucked the ends under the bun like I normally would do, instead I decided to leave them out and do little curls at the end by using Kinky Curly Curling Custard.   

Here is Ms. Bree:

I only used a bit of Bee Mine Curly Butter on Lil B's hair, unfortunately I believe all the product was left on the mask.  Here are some pictures of Lil B. without his mask:

Ms. Bree without her tiara:

Back View: I hope you can see the curls.  I used her side twists to secure the tiara. Ms. Bree has two more events to attend so I promise to take better pictures next time.  

Hey, who said Halloween is only for the kids?... I was talked into dressing up too... the Evil Queen! 

Are your and your little ones dressing up for Halloween?  Share your photos and styles with us, we would to see them!! 

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