Monday, May 27, 2013

Small Business Spotlight: Strands & Company

1. What is the name of your Business?
Strands & Company

2. Where is your business located?
Online shop headquartered in Austin, TX

3. Business' Website:

   OTHER  Social Media : YouTube:

4. Are you the owner?

5.  Briefly tell us about your business:

Looking for natural products for curly hair or textured hair? Seeking natural and organic skin care solutions? Strands & Company is proud to offer you an ever-growing selection of natural hair and skin care from reputable makers who share our vision of bringing you products that are safe for your body and provide results. Some of our products are USDA Organic-certified.

6.  How did you come to be in this line of work?

Strands & Company was born from my own personal hair journey. Managing my ethnically-mixed, textured hair has been an interesting road to travel - some parts of my hair are wavy, some parts straight, some parts tightly coiled, some parts frizzy. My hair has been chemically relaxed, frequently blow dried, and everything in-between.
After noticing my hair was thinning several years ago, I took a variety of actions to try and stop the issue. I stopped using chemical relaxers on my hair, I flat ironed and blow dried less. Less hair was falling out after making these changes, yet my hair was still coarse, dry and easy to break. Apparently, I had stopped my hair from abandoning ship... but it just didn't feel healthy.

So, I started seeking out products designed to moisturize and pamper textured or curly hair, with the added bonus of less harsh chemicals. It wasn't easy to find what I was looking for but after finding and trying a few natural products, I noticed an even bigger change in my hair - it was softer, easier to manage and most importantly, it was growing back!
I felt sure there must a store out there, focused on natural hair care brands for textured hair. While I found individual textured hair brands, and some online stores tailored to natural products, what was missing was a shop that was dedicated to both - natural products for textured hair. So I started Strands & Company, to bring a store like that to other people who had needs like mine.

7. How long have you been doing this?
I started working on the shop at the start of this year (2013).

8. Who would benefit from your product?
·         Someone with textured/curly/kinky/coily/frizzy hair who is looking for products with a high concentration of natural and organic ingredients.
·         Someone interested in skin care products made from primarily natural and organic ingredients.

9. How can our fans place their order or contact you?
Through our website,

10. Any current specials or event you want to share with our fans?

 I’d like to offer your fans a 10% discount off any order. They can use the code CCNS10 at checkout and they will receive 10% off their entire order. This discount is good through June 7th!

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