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Small Business Spotlight: IHN Greeting Cards & IHN Hair Bows!

Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to our Small Business Spotlight.  This time we are bringing you not just one but two small businesses owned by a lovely couple whom we met a few years ago when they first moved to Savannah, Georgia. 

We thank you for wanting to be featured in our Small Business Spotlight. Can you tells us a little bit about yourselves?

Jeremy:  Greetings everyone, we are Carmelita and Jeremy Watson, a married couple of 10 years with 4 small children that range in age from 9 to 2. We are high school sweethearts that met in a Home ED class in 1998 and have yet to stop learning and growing together. We are both Saint Louis, MO natives, we relocated to Savannah, GA a few years back to be closer to the water and further away from family (joking).

Carmelita:  Jeremy works full time as General Manager of a popular Inn while I work full-time as a stay at home mother of four children. The debate of whose job is more difficult rages on!   Our small business was birthed out of a hobby, faith and love. While we wanted success, the sheer accomplishment felt in the follow- through of the process to obtain a business was so very rewarding for us both. We are excited to grow our business and network with others who are also looking to do the same. 

Now, these are two very different businesses. What are the names of the businesses?

Jeremy:  The first business, "In His Name," an Inspirational Greeting Card Company, was created October 2012 with IHN Hair Bows being an extension of that business added in May 2013.

Where are your businesses located?

Carmelita:  Believe it or not, with four children, we manage to operate each business out of our home in Savannah, GA.

Wow, managing two businesses with four young children, that is amazing.  Where can we find your products?

Carmelita:  Our Business' Website is, but you can also find us on
 Twitter: @inhisnamecards
 Pinterest: In His Name Cards & Bows

Jeremy, can you briefly tell us about your business, "In His Name Greeting Cards."

Jeremy: In His Name Greeting Cards offers a steady growing selection of Christian based greeting cards that offer heartfelt messages that highlight their uniqueness. Each greeting card is made from hand, be it a simple embellishment or a photo. We believe the purchasers as well as the recipients will see the heart in each card. The experience in each sentence and the life within the message. Somebody lived these word, be it love or lost, friendship or a simple thank you. These words are our story in one shape or form.

Carmelita, can you briefly tell us about your business, "In His Name Hair Bows." 

Carmelita: IHN Hair Bows, like IHN Greeting Cards, was born out of a hobby. I started making hair bows for my two daughters because I found really nice bows to be too expensive. Therefore being a stay at home mom, I was able to do a little research (during the kids nap time, lol) and learn how to make hair bows myself. From there, we showed them to a few moms who were excited about the idea of having well structured, beautiful bows for prices they could afford.

Based on what I have seen so far, it is evident that the two of you enjoy what you are doing. 

How did you come to be in this line of work?  At what point did you realize this is what you wanted to do?

Jeremy: Yes, I love it! I have written poetry for years and thought how I could put all these words to use. I literally woke up one morning and looked at my wife and said “By the end of the month, this dream will be reality!” We sat down and wasted card after card trying to get the right look, the right picture, the right message until we had our first seven cards. That was good enough for me, so I started a website, registered our business and the rest is history.

Carmelita: For me, it was the satisfaction I received when making that first bow. It was floppy and I wouldn’t dare sell it, but I was surprised at my ability to create something I saw as beautiful. I thank God for the opportunity to be a stay at home mom because that opened the door for me to have that conversation with myself as to what I can do outside of motherhood, to contribute to my household. So for me, it wasn’t something I have always done, it was a hobby that I got good at with a lot of practice and time.

Both works are master pieces to me. I have read and seen the cards which I believe they are amazing and the message can bring tears of joy and comfort to the recipient.  The bows and headbands are beautiful and Ms Bree is loving her new headbands.

Tell us, what inspires you or where do you get the inspiration to do what you do? 
Carmelita: Our daughters inspire us to continue with IHN Hair Bows. My girls love to be dolled up, love to have their hair done up, love the bows and love diving into their collection of bows and picking out one for the day. So wanting that for mothers and daughters is a motivation as well. We have had many moms say that they don’t buy bows because they are too expensive and to have them purchase ours and send us pictures of their daughters in them is inspiration and confirmation that we are on the right path.

Jeremy: Amen to that! To have people celebrate our work is a form of confirmation and assurance that we have made the right decision in pursuing our dreams. To have strangers testify that they have not received a more personal card and that they will keep them as keepsakes is a testament to us that our hard work is not in vain.

How long have you been doing this?
Jeremy: Gosh, I have been writing poetry, short stories and such since I knew how to hold a pen! In His Name, an Inspirational Greeting Card Company was birthed less than a year ago in October 2012.

Carmelita: IHN Hair Bows was created only a few short months ago in May. I have been making bows since about then.

Carmelita, you previously mentioned that you are a stay at home, how do you manage to have time to do your products while caring for three little ones?   
Carmelita: Mostly at night, or during naptime during the day. Heck, any time there is quiet, lol!!

Carmelita, who do think would benefit from your product?

Carmelita: Mothers, sisters, aunts or daughters….basically, anyone who is looking for affordable hair bows and not willing to compromise on the look and style. A lot of women out there are just like me, don’t want to buy the cheap bows because they lack style, quality and originality, yet don’t buy the nice one because of the price. IHN Hair bows is the bridge were great quality and affordability meet.

Jeremy, what makes your cards so unique and special?

Jeremy: What makes In His Name Cards unique are the experiences you find in the messages. They are more than words on paper, they are truth to help motivate, encourage and inspire. One of the greatest compliments we received about our greeting cards is that the heart is exposed. What better way to deliver a message than to have your heart exposed to the recipient, therefore, they receive more than the card, they receive the message too.  That is what defines IHN Greeting Cards…the exposure of our hearts and the ability to relate to the message.

How can our fans place their order or contact you?

Log on to, there they will find all you need concerning our companies. Feel free to contact us via email at or

Any current specials or events you want to share with our fans?
Please visit our website periodically for updates. New greeting cards and blogs are coming soon with a new fall line of hair bows in the works as well.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, what an amazing couple!  We truly enjoyed them and their beautiful four children.  We had a great time putting this article together for all of you to read.  

I encourage all of you to visit their site and take a look at their items.  You can see all of Carmelita's handcrafted bows, headbands and other items on her Facebook Page as well.

If you want to be part of our Small Business Spotlight, please contact us at

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