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Shea Terra Products Review

Acne, is not something we like to discuss but it is a problem that does not only happen during our teenage years but it can very well continue to adulthood.  It can be triggered by many things including the food we eat or by medication that we may be taking.  Whether we are young or old, acne is often bothersome and does affect how we see ourselves.

I have tried products like "Clean & Clear", "Proactiv" and the latest from "Clinique".  I have to admit that Clinique products did keep my skin cleared of acne.  However, the scars from past blemishes remained and were very dark.  I would often use concealers in an attempt to even my facial skin tone.  

I have heard of "Black Soap" before as I'm sure you have too. Due to it's high popularity, the selections of black soap products available not just in store but online are increasing rapidly.  

Due to the wide selection of products, I was very indecisive as to which kind of black soap or which brand to try.  This is when our friend, Cheryl, owner of Foxy Mango came to my rescue.  

Let's begin our review:

Shea Terra 
Rose Hips Black Soap Facial Wash


The ingredients found in this facial wash are spring water, Yoruban black soap (cocoa pod ash, plaintain peel ash, palm kernels, camwood bark), certified organic sunflower oil, certified organic coconut oil, potassium hydroxide (electrocuted alts-what makes oil into soap) certified organic rose hips oil, Kalahari mineral salts.

This product is made with authentic black soap-not dye, it's 100% natural, the product is very effective yet gentle, it naturally treats acne and has no synthetic fragrance. 

How to Use:  (Instructions on label) Apply small amount of Rose Hips Black soap Wash to entire face.  Allow to set for 5 minutes.  Rinse Off and Repeat.  This time use the palms of your hands to work away the dead skin as you rinse the soap off. 

How I use it:

After removing all my make up, I splashed water on my face and dry the excess water, keeping my face damped a little bit.

I have seen better results when I do it this way:  once my face is damped, I pumped a small amount on the palm of my hand, using my finger I start applying it all over my face.  

Once you have applied the soap, you may or may not experience a small tingling/stinging during application or while you let the soap sit for five to ten minutes.  

Important Note: 

This product is black in color so you may want to be careful with your clothing and/or towels; 
This product has a consistency of a thick syrup and a little bit goes a long way;
This product produces no lather and it will feel like a "mud mask" while you let it sit on your face; 

Once you have let the wash sit for five to ten minutes, rinse it all off, pad your face dry and you are all done!!

My Opinion:

You will immediately feel the difference and you will see the benefits of this product. It's scent is so light it won't bother you at all.  

This amazing product will clean your face and will leave it feeling soft.  Some people have compare the results of this soap to a single microderm abrasion.  This product will in act clean your pores and get rid off all dead skin.  

I use it once a day, mostly during the evenings after I have worn my make up for at least ten hours.  

If your skin feels a little bit dry after a few minutes, I would recommend using natural oils to moisturize the skin, like Jojoba Oil, unrefined shea butter or in my case, I use Shea Terra Tamanu Oil.  (and this is where our second product review starts).



This products contains only 100% Pure Tamanu Oil;
* It's 100% Natural;
*Natural topical anti-biotic;
*Offers natural, speedy healing of skin with little to no scaring;
*All natural anti-aging serum.

How to Use: (the below instructions can be found on their website)

Daily Usage: Massage a few drops into each of the five facial points. Lightly massage under eyes.   
Healing:  Apply to wound several times a day until healed.

How I use it:  

After I wash my face with Shea Terra Rose Hips Black Soap, I make sure my face is 100% dry.

 Two pumps of oil on the palm of my hand and using my finger I start applying the oil to my face and neck in circular motions.

My Opinion:

Since the dark spots are mainly along my jaw line I make sure to spend extra time on that area.   I started using this oil on a daily basis approximately 24 days ago and the results are amazing. 

 The picture below was taken eight (8) days after I began using the Tamanu Oil.  As you can see the dark spots have drastically faded.  

This oil can be used in many different ways, although it is very popular as an anti-aging skin care product including but not limited for the use on Eczema; Psoriasis; Skin rashes;
Athletes foot; and Dermatitis just to name a few.  

The scent of this product is very strong but it is not so bad to me.  After using this product a few days, you will find that the scent is not as bad but do expect your partner/spouse to be able to smell it on your skin.

I will suggest you keep your mind open to it, remember, this is a 100% natural product and has no fragrance added to it.  

This product should always be stored in room temperature but if you are in cool temperatures make sure you shake the bottle well before using it.  

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