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Cover Page Beauty: Introducing Korrie Kelley

Hello lovelies...
Welcome to our Cover Page series... Today I am introducing you to an amazing lady who slowly transitioned and is now loving her natural hair! 

Let us begin this wonderful interview, can you tell us your name and which state do you represent?
   My name is Korrie Kelley and I was born and raised in Mississippi!!!

How long has your natural hair been free of relaxers/texturizers or any type of chemicals? Did you transitioned or did you do a Big Chop?
    I started transitioning in June of 2011!
    I was too much of a chicken to do a BC (big chop) so I just started growing out my relaxer, and cutting the relaxed ends every two months. It was so neat to see the curls popping out all over my head! I had no idea what my curl pattern was! It was fun:)

Goodness, look at all that hair, I love the color, tell me Korrie, What made you go back natural?
   My cousin did the big chop a few years ago, and watching her hair come to life really inspired me! It changed her also..gave her a certain confidence that she didn't have before. I liked that!

We all know how important it is to establish a routine, what is your routine? how did you come up with it?
    Trial and error!!! A lot of Youtube watching and book reading. Kind of gathering different info, and then seeing what worked for me. My wash and go routine is pretty easy. I am a believer in sectioning my hair. I used to free fall it when washing, but the knots and tangles increased so I had to re-evaluate what I was doing. I started out sectioning in the beginning and had to go back to that. I co-wash every 5 days with either Tresseme naturals or As I am coconut co-wash.
    Right now I'm experimenting with several different products for my page, but I do have some favorites that are re-ordered regularly. Kinky Curly knot today is an awesome detangler/leave in, Kinky Curly curling custard is a must for my wash and go's. For sealing I use jojoba or sweet almond oil. I'm loving twist outs right now, and I really think my hair is growing because of it so my musts for those are the Bee Mine Curly Butter!!! IT IS AWESOME!!!!!

I love jojoba oil and it is not secret that I love BEE MINE Natural and Organ Hair products.  Tell us, what products are currently working for you? 

      Tresseme Naturals has amazing slip, and it's my must have for a co-wash. As I said above the Bee Mine Curling butter! I'm in the process of getting and trying more of their products so stay tuned....

We all have experienced hair challenges at a certain point in this long journey, have you faced any challenges when it comes to styling your hair? How did you overcome them?

    In the beginning yes! I did not like the two texture thing with transitioning, it was a pain! Now, I've kinda gotten a good routine going. Learning to be patient and thoughtful with my hair..not rushing, pulling or snagging. TLC goes a long way!
Tell us, what is your favorite hair style? I love wearing my hair wild and free! 

What is your "To Go" Style??
     My husband loves it like that and also, when I wear my hair in a low, romantic looking ponytail with tendrils framing my face and how can I forget, I love a high bun (pineapple)

At the beginning my daughter was not "in love" with her hair but her feelings have completely changed now, how do you feel about your hair now?

   I LOVE IT!!! I hate that it took me this long to wise up! I feel more confident, free..just plain ole me:) Best decision ever!!! Have this HUGE accessory to ROCK now!
I received awful awful hair tips, and I'm glad I didn't follow any of them, tell us, what is the worst tip anyone has ever given you?

    To be honest, I haven't gotten any bad tips. I really just do my own thing, and the people around me just love what I do :)

I remember, one of the best tips I ever received was from a stranger at a store, what was the best advise you have been given?

       Everyone's hair is different. Learn and listen to what your hair needs. It will tell you. That is so true too I have found. Also finger detangling! Being comb free for a year now!

Some of our readers may or may not know this, but you own a Facebook Fan page under the name of "Korrie's Korner"; what is the main objective of your page, and what inspire you to create it?
      My objective is to encourage women to embrace their naturalness and God given beauty. Since I was a teenager I always helped my friends with their hair, make up or skin care needs..just kind of grew from there. I love helping women feel good about themselves! It's my passion:)

Do you have any advice that you would like to share with our readers?

If you're thinking about going natural GO FOR IT! Be patient and to give your hair lots of love. It’s not about whether or not you have “good” hair. We all have good hair! Everyone is different and that is what I love. Be unique. Embrace your “youness”.

Thank you Korrie for this amazing interview, the fabulous tips and the beautiful pictures.  Your hair is beautiful!  

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