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Quick Overview on Oils & Their Benefits

Natural Oils and Their Benefit

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                 First, I want to thank every single one of you who supports and follow our blog, Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Instagram Page and Pinterest Boards, it means a lot to us!!

                Now, this post will give a quick rundown on the natural oils that are popular in the Natural Hair Care World.  I could have written a very long explanation including the origin of all the natural oils you probably have come across.  

                But I didn't.  I'm sharing with you my "To Go By List" or my "Cheat Cheat List" J  It's a summary of some of the hair benefits for the most popular oils.

(These are some of the Oils we have in our collection)

The list is in alphabetical order: 

Argan Oil

*Strengthens the hair;
* It prevents dandruff, frizziness, early loss hair;
*It helps to retain moisture.

SIDE NOTE: Argan Oil has become very popular regardless of it's price.  This oil can be used not only for your hair, but skin and nails as well. 

Avocado Oil

*Great for curly hair;
*Helps to moisturize your hair;
*Prevents Split ends; 
*Revitalizes your hair; 
*Improves shine and brittle hair.

SIDE NOTE: I highly recommend you purchase a small bottle to try on your curly strands. This oil is a bit heavy and it did not worked on my daughter's hair.  I was told that this oil works better on curlies who have tight curl pattern 4b/4c.

Almond Oil

 *It helps with moisture retention (great as a sealant); 
*It prevents split ends;
*prevents early hair loss;
*it promotes shiny hair;
*revitalizes your hair and prevents heat damage by the use of blow dryers and flat irons. 

SIDE NOTE:  You can also use this on your skin.  I've been using it along with Oatmeal Lotion to keep the kids' skin moisturized.  This oils has also become my make up remover and it keeps my skin nice and soft. 

Castor Oil  
Jamaican Black Castor Oil


 *Castor Oil promotes hair growth;
*reduces split ends and hair breakage;
*Helps with moisture retention
*Helps with dry and itchy scalp.

SIDE NOTE:  Castor Oil is thick and heavy but I mix mine with other oils which it thins it out making it easier to apply to her scalp and hair.  

Jamaican Black Castor Oil as many of you already know is extremely thick because it is more concentrated and is use to promote hair growth.  I use JCBO every other day or every two days and I only apply it to her hair line. 

Coconut Oil

* Shields hair protein; 
*Great as a sealant; 
*light oil that can be use by all hair types;
*It can promote hair growth;
*It can strengthen hair shaft.

SIDE NOTE:  I have been using this oil since the first day.  Although I may not use it as often during the cold months it remains my favorite oil.  

Grape Seed Oil

*It prevents dandruff;
*It help to strengthen your hair; 
*Helps to moisturize your hair and scalp;
*it promotes shiny hair. 

SIDE NOTE:  I've just recently purchased Grapeseed Oil, I have not used it since we are experimenting with Almond Oil at the moment.  But one of our many mommies have mentioned the following: 

*It can be used before blow drying or flat ironing the hair- this oil can protect from heat damage, by JWC; 
*It can be used on your skin, specially if you have sensitive skin, by CS.

Jojoba Oil

* Promotes hair growth;
*It prevents dandruff and dry scalp;
*It can help with Eczema.

SIDE NOTE:  This is one of my favorite oils.  So many different uses, Jojoba Oil is part of my Oil Mix, I also use it on their skin.  

Macadamia Oil

*Promotes healthy hair;
*It protects hair and scalp from damage;
*It helps with moisture retention;
*The vitamin E contained in this oil can help to soften the hair, give the hair shine and works wonderfully with those frizzies. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*It helps to keep hair healthy;
*It prevents dandruff;
*Helps with the frizzies;
*promotes shiny hair;
*It helps to soften the hair. 

SIDE NOTE:  Add a few tablespoons to your deep conditioner or use it alone before your shampooing sessions and I promise you you will feel the difference! Your hair will be so soft and very manageable.    Just apply EVOO to your hair while detangling it with your fingers, place a plastic cap on top and let it sit there for 20  minutes or so. Wash and conditioned your hair and DONE! 

Red Palm Oil

*This oil is rich in Vitamin A & E;
*It strengthens the hair and promotes hair growth;
*it is known to have antibacterial properties. 

Well, that's all folks! :) 

Many of you have asked what oils do I use when I say "My Oil Mix".. well in my bottles your will find: 

On my daily bottle: 

*Castor Oil (Coconut Oil for the warm months); 
*Jojoba Oil
*Argan Oil
*Sweet Almond Oil

On my second bottle you will find Black Castor Oil with a pinch of Jojoba Oil. 

Do you have a favorite oil that your hair and skin cannot be with out?  Please share them with us by leaving a comment :) 

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