Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Style for School Pictures....

      School Picture Day is one of those day I hate and love.  I hate them because as parents, we make sure that our little ones are wearing the perfect outfit and their hair is styled just the right way but more often than not, the results are catastrophic.   Their hair is out of place, the shirts or pants have grass stains because they have been outside playing just before the picture was taken or how about the "ketchup" stains... I remember when my son took his Pre-Kindergartner pictures, he had ketchup stains all over the front of his shirt! oh boy! that was interesting to see..    

      I love picture day because it helps me keep better track of their they change over time.  However, the reality is, school pictures are one of the few pictures that we actually frame and hang for our family and friends to see.  

      After our  first catastrophe,  we made sure he took an extra outfit, got a fresh haircut and we remind him to make sure to wipe his face while he waits in line for his turn.  Let's be honest, these are kids and we never know for sure how the pictures are going to come out until we receive the envelope in his school folder.  

      After waiting approximately two to three weeks, I finally received the photos. I will be honest with all of you, I did "not" wanted to open the envelope because, I was expecting to see my son making "funny faces" or giving a "fake smile" or worst, a stained shirt or dirty shoes! 

     But curiosity won, (curiosity always wins on my end) and thankfully, this year's pictures looked great!  My son didn't make any funny faces, there was no sweat around his face, no chocolate milk mustache, his face was clean, his shirt and pants were still looking good.

         Now, guess my reaction when I opened the envelope containing Ms Bree's photos and I saw the worst smile she has ever given.   Ms Bree has always been my photogenic child, always ready to strike a pose. Ms Bree has always enjoyed taking photos BUT this year, it was her turn to make the "funny face" and give the "fake smile" my son is famous for... I guess she lost the coin toss this year as to who would take the worst pictures.  Nevertheless, she still looked beautiful.  

     For this years's school pictures, I decided to do "Half Cornrows & Two Strand Twists" and used an "old school" hair accessories, "Butterfly Hair Clips", don't they remind you of the 90's??  :)

     My little princess looked beautiful.  I believe this picture really shows how much she has grown in just this past year.  

 "Half Cornrows & Two Strand Twists" 

I used the following products: 

*Bee Mine Curly Butter; and;
* Eco Styler Gel with Olive Oil;
* Goodys elastic bands

This was my first time using Eco Styler Gel with Olive Oil and I have to say I'm very impressed.  Her twists lasted a lot longer and were more defined than previous occasions.  

     Now, I received a lot of questions as to how I do my two strand twists, how do I make them last so long and how do I do undo them. 

    I did a quick video for all of you and I hope you are able to see how I do and undo them.  

   I will try to make a better video next time I do twists. 


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