Monday, March 21, 2016

Our Favorite Spring Nail Polish Colors!

Hello Everyone!! 

It is officially spring and what girl doesn't love getting pampered? I know I do and so does my little princess. 

Getting our nails done it's more than just "getting our nails done", it is our mother & daughter time and to me, spending time with my kids, individually, is very important.  

Ms. Bree and I can get in trouble  very easily, we both enjoy shopping, eating out and yes, getting a manicure and pedicure done.  Whether, we get them done professionally or whether is me doing the job at home, we both enjoy our time together.

Here are a few of our favorite spring colors:

Green with white polka dots. 

Starfish by Sinful Color Professional

One of my favorite colors, "Vacation Time" by Sinful Colors Professional.  It is a very calm, between a rosy/brown shade and it really doesn't require a lot of heavy coats to obtain the desired color.  It is very glossy and it is perfect for my beach vacation.

Perfect for a night out, "No Text Red" by Sinful Colors Professional

When you do things together, the kids really don't care if things are perfect!  They will only remember that you spent time with them and that you tried! 

While most of my nail polishes are from Sinful Color Professional line, I have a few that are from different brands..  This is a Pure Ice "Home Run"!  I paired it with a similar color sheer shirt and white shorts.  It was really fun to wear this color.  (stepping out of the comfort zone here)

"Courtney Orange" by Sinful Colors Professional 
This is a true vibrant color.  It is a sheer orange with a hint of gold glitter.  

While I love this color by Sally Hansen Insta-Dry, I really don't care for their brush.  It was very difficult to apply an even coat.  Nevertheless, the "Rush Hour" #350 color is a beautiful color to wear.

This is a soft pinkish color, "Scandal" by Sinful Colors Professional.  This is a cozy, warm beautiful pink.  It doesn't require many coats to acquire the desire shade.  

"Dream On" by Sinful Colors... I just love this bright color!  Now, when dry it has a "matte" finish to it, so I definitely had to apply an extra coat of the glossy polish but the results are beautiful.

I would like to try colors like "yellows" and "blues"... maybe next time! 

What are you favorite nail polish colors?  Do you have a favorite brand??  Share your photos on the comments below or feel free to share them with us on our Facebook Page! 

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