Sunday, March 20, 2016

Modifying Your Spring Wreath to an Easter Wreath

Hello everyone!

A few a days ago I shared a quick DIY post on how to easily create a Spring Wreath.  If you missed our post, you can see it here:

Today I will be sharing with you how I easily converted my spring wreath into an "Easter Wreath" instead of buying all the materials needed in order to create an Easter Theme Wreath.  After all, we are all in the business of saving money when we can. 

I purchased my wooden bunny and the decorative eggs a couple of weeks ago from Michael's at a very low price.  The bunny was only $1.79 and my little branches with glittery eggs were 0.89 cents each!  I don't think it can get any better than that, right?

By carefully removing our initial "C" from the center of the wreath, I then placed our glittery and beautiful bunny.  I added our sparkling eggs all around the wreath to re-create the feeling of "bunny hiding the Easter eggs".  

My children happily volunteered to help me find the perfect spot for all of our tiny eggs. 

And here it is, the final result! For less than $4.00 we were able to give our Spring Wreath a quick make over and it's now our beautiful Easter Wreath!

Stay tuned for our next spring post!    

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