Monday, August 22, 2016

A Review on Educents' Educational Products

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Hello everyone!! 

As parents, we are the most important teachers our children can possibly have.  

I deeply believe that (the parents) have to work together with the teachers in order to assure our children are academically successful.  It is crucial that we keep an open and constant open line of communication with their teachers when it comes to our children's daily behavior and progress. 

I understand that being involved in your child's "daily" progress may seem impossible due to our own daily (and busy) schedule.  To make sure you are well informed, I highly recommend you communicate with your child's teacher at least once a week in order to check their daily progress.  Making a monthly "Parent-Teacher" conference to discuss progress and general curriculum is also another way of staying involved.  Whichever way you choose, staying involved will make a difference in your child's education.  

At the beginning of the school year, during our "open house" (or "meet & greet"), I always "warn" my children's new teachers.  I am that "parent", the type of parent that will call you once or twice a week if I feel my child is lacking in an area, if I have questions about an assignment, concerns about a test results and the impact that score may have in their grades. 

Allow me to include you on this I have never been told by a teacher that they don't appreciate my involvement.  (at least not yet right)

So, don't be afraid to get involved in your child's education, trust me, both, your child and the teacher will thank you for it.

Now, there are many different ways we can support our children's learning at home, whether during their vacation, or throughout the school year. 

I am constantly looking for ways to help my children learn their assignments.  During one of my many searches for new way to teach them, I found this amazing website, Educents that offers many education products at very reasonable prices. 

Now, our children started their 4th week of school today and I can see that our son is having a difficult time understanding long division. 

Long Division Worksheets

This is a 42 page PDF document that you can download as soon as you buy it.  The price you asked?  $1.95!! Yes, for less than two dollars you get 12 leveled long division worksheets on graph paper with the Answer Keys.  At the end you will also find two tests with answer keys and free posters highlighting the steps of long division. 

It also has long division with remainders, up to three digit dividends and two digit divisors. 

I review my son's notebooks and homework every night to make sure he has completed all his assignments.  I also do this so that I may know what he is currently learning in all his classes.  Been able to know the areas he needs extra help with also helps me prepare extra worksheets accordingly.

My son is not the only one who  needs an extra hand, after reviewing last week's class work and quizzes, I realized Ms. Bree needs extra help with "Compound Words". 

Compound Words Cut & Paste Activities

This Compound Words: Cut and Paste Activities was only $1.50!!  You read that right, I almost broke the bank with that one!! hahhaa  This product is also a PDF document and I was able to download and print right away. 

I can assure you that you child will have fun while learning with this fun activity book.  Our daughter loves coloring, cutting, gluing stuff, therefore, this activity is right up her alley. 

I am enjoying this amazing website,  As I stated before, some of the items are on PDF format that can easily downloaded into your computer and printed upon purchase.  Some of the bigger items (kits and books) have to be shipped.   

I placed my order ad within an hour I received an email stating that my order had shipped!!  We will review and show our next item, Magic-School-Bus-3D Journey Through the Solar System as soon as we receive it!!  It's a 3D book and it comes with 3D Glasses!! 

Easy to print (inespensive) worksheets and fast shipping are not all the things Educents offers... They also have FREE items, for a limited time of course, but Free none the less.  They have a large selection of free items that any teacher or parents can use.  

Free Addition Word Problems

Make sure you browse thru all their products!

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