Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Natural Hair Care: Daily Tip #7

Hello and welcome to our Natural Hair Care- Daily Tip Series by our friend Ms. Keianna owner of Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio.

What a great tip! 

I always have my combs at hand along with my Creme of Nature Leave In  and I rub oil (jojoba oil) on the palm of my hands before I begin to unravel each braid (or twist).

Always be mindful of the edges and try not to keep the same style for far too long.  (extremely fuzzy braids = lots of tangles and pulling)  

Give your hair and scalp a break for at least a couple of days before your braid (or twist) your hair again.

Braid in different directions every time to prevent long term damage.   

We hope today's Natural Hair Care Tip was  helpful!!  If you missed any of our previous Daily Tips, you can find them here: 

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