Monday, September 26, 2016

Natural Hair Care: Daily Tip #9

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This is a great tip from our sister-friend, Ms. Keianna Johnson, because many of use are constantly wondering, "How do I know when its the right time to trim their natural hair?" 

On 2012 I wrote a post about "Ms. Bree's First Trim", in which I explained how important it is to trim the ends regularly so split ends don't form as well as to how I trim her hair myself. Remember, while we all want long hair, our ultimate goal is for them to have healthy hair. 

Here are a few signs that their natural hair is in need of a trim:  

If you have to moisturize their ends more than usual;

If the detangling process requires a little extra time; 
If you can clearly see a split end when styling; or
If you are left with tiny pieces of hair that clearly didn't come from the crown.

The next step to take after you determine whether or not your child needs a trim is who is going to do it?? Should you do it yourself? or go to a Hair Salon?

Trimming the hair is very simple because the only thing you are doing is taking the very ends off.  You are not looking to make the hair even or trying to give the hair layers, you are simply getting rid off those dry ends.  Read our full article on how you can trim your child's natural hair "Ms. Bree's First Trim".

We hope today's Natural Hair Care Tip was  helpful!!  If you missed any of our previous Daily Tips, you can find them here: 

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