Thursday, October 13, 2016

Product Review: SinfulColor Nail Polish

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SinfulShine 2 Step Gel Manicure

Hello everyone and welcome back!!

    It has been a while since I last posted a nail polish review.  Therefore, let's get back on track!

  Today I'm reviewing the SinfulShine 2 Step Gel Manicure "Kylie Signature Collection".  The color I chose is "Kreme De La Kreme" which is a rose gold like color with a lot shimmer.  

   This bold and vibrant color is perfect for any occasion, I just love how it shines and I personally feel this color goes perfectly well with my current mood and the season!

   As you can see in the video, this is a Two Step Gel Manicure which promises to give a "gel-like shine that removes like regular polish".


Apply  at lest two coats of polish to make sure you have an even look; 


After allowing the color coat to dry a bit, apply the top coat. 

   As many of you already know, SinfulColor Professionals is my favorite brand of nail polish. Their $2.99 (sometimes $1.99) price is amazing and the quality of the product is better than most.  Their regular polishes usually last about a week depending on my daily activities, so I'm expecting for this gel manicure to last me as least two weeks!

   This collection has many colors to choose from, 27 of them to be exact!  Here are a couple of collections you may want to try: 


Have you tried any of the SinfulShine 2-Step Gel Manicure Collection before?? What were the results??

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  1. thanks for the review, I have been wanting to try this line... So far I have just tried the regular polish from the Kylie line