Friday, October 21, 2016

DIY- Glow Chameleon Glow

Hello Bootiful Ghouls! 

Yeah, I think I've watched "Monster High" movies for way too long!

Let's start with our latest "spooky" and fun design.. 

For this "Glow Chameleon Glow" design I used the following:

1:  SinfulColors Professional Nail Hardener as my base coat;
2: SinfulColors Professional #2122 Nice Guise
3: SinfulColors Professional #2124 Got a Bat Attitude
4: SinfulColors Professional Top Shine Coat

On clean nails apply a coat of SinfulColor Professionals #901 Nail Hardener;

Apply two coats of SinfulColor Professionals #2122 Nice Guise to all the nails for the exception of ring finger.  This Nice Guise polish is a shimmering green with a gold iridescent hint to it.  Please allow a few minutes to pass in between coats. 

The Top coats on the above photo are part of the Glow In The Dark collection. 

This is the tricky part.  As you can see, #2124 Got a Bat Attitude polish has small "bat figures mixed within the polish.  It IS a bit difficult to grab the figures with the brush and place them on the nail.  By the time I was able to strategically apply the figures, I had a very thick coat on my nail.  

However,  IT DOES GLOW!! So their claim it's true!!

Apply your favorite Top Coat to seal the design, let it dry and YOU ARE NOW DONE!! 

Note:  I used the regular #1353 Glow in The Dark (without any figures in it) and applied it on top of the Nice Guise so that it would glow as well.   Although I regret my choice of applying it, the effect was still mesmerizing.

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